Zuora Central Platform

The only platform giving subscription businesses the agility to respond to market demands at scale

Powered by a microservices architecture with consumer-scale

Application Layer

Zuora’s market leading suite of Order to Revenue applications include Zuora CPQ, Zuora Billing, Zuora Collect AI, and Zuora Revenue

Developer Layer

Easily customize, integrate and extend pre-built Zuora application functionality with a standard set of tools for no code and low code developers

Event Management

Listen for custom events and trigger tailored customer notifications, 3rd party system callouts and automated workflows

Business Process Automation

Design and build workflows across Zuora and 3rd party applications using conditional logic, rules and automated tasks

Data Access

Access live distributed data with pre-built reports, custom report builder, and a standard SQL data query interface

Custom Data Model

Extend custom objects and fields for industry-specific use cases like custom price tables, asset tracking, payment schedules, and more

Administration Layer

Consistently manage and administer Zuora deployments on a reliable, secure and scalable technology infrastructure

Tenant Management

Configure tenant and user roles, permissions, authorizations and settings individually via UI or automatically across all tenants via API


Test and deploy new functionality in a single environment with full self-service production data copy and service configurability

Audit Trail

Minimize compliance risk exposure with reporting and monitoring of critical subscription activity across tenants


Maintain government-level network, application, and data encryption security including PCI, SOC 1 / 2 / 3, ISO 27001 / 27018, HIPAA, and more

API Layer

Zuora takes an API-first development strategy that prioritizes making the best of breed APIs available for developer needs first

“COVID-19 is a great example of an unpredictable and massive impact on businesses which requires an agile platform to enable the company to react at scale to offer concessions such as suspends, payment delays, and offer credits so businesses can accommodate their customers quickly and reduce churn. Businesses need easy ways of testing growth ideas like new products and bundles so they can be prepared as the market heals. Having a solid technology foundation and infrastructure that efficiently enables this agility is critical today and is paramount to sustaining, growing, and competing in any economic climate.”

- Mark Thomason, Research Director @ IDC

“Zuora’s Workflow Builder saves us 10 minutes per account that we used to manually manage. Zuora is helping us maximize subscription revenue and keep our customers informed and educated.” -Ben Seeman, Credit and Collections Manager at KeepTruckin
“I taught myself how to use Workflow Builder, and now I can build automation into existing business processes without asking engineering for help. Today, Workflow Builder runs daily and saves our internal teams hours of manual work. The more we use it, the more value it brings to our company.” -Devin Schroeder Revenue Operations Analyst
“Thanks to Workflow Builder and other capabilities in the Zuora Central Platform, reporting is a lot easier and we have consistent data for our new platform, which has simplified our accrual process.” -Jason Gulledge, VP of Engineering at StackPath
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