Our Technology

Built on an enterprise-grade platform

TRUSTe Privacy Certification

Stress free security

We safeguard information with government-level encryption. Every node in our infrastructure is protected with firewalls and network intrusion detection systems. And we meet a long list of industry compliance standards.

  • 2-factor authentication
  • Single Sign-On
  • IP address range restrictions
  • Data access controls

Designed with your ecosystem in mind

Zuora seamlessly integrates into your enterprise ecosystem. Our extensive library of REST and SOAP APIs make it easy to connect the dots between all the solutions in your ecosystem.

  • Get going with pre-built integrations with CRM, gateways, tax engines, general ledgers, and more
  • Orchestrate business processes between systems with a point-and-click workflow engine
  • Rapidly develop custom APIs with a native developer console
  • Consult a library of reusable apps to accelerate custom development

Constantly backed up. Constantly monitored.

Zuora is cloud platform hosted on two state-of-the-art data centers, in two separate locations that are 100% synchronized. We follow industry-standard protocols for storage, backup, and redundancy.

  • Two fully redundant data centers
  • Sub-second replication across both sites
  • 24×7 monitoring by the Zuora Operations Center
Deliver availability and scalability

Trusted by global enterprises

  • $3B in invoices put through our system per quarter
  • 80+ public companies rely on our compliances & security
  • 400 syncs per second with other systems
  • 40ms average response time for all integrations

Scaling our subscription business to what it is today simply wouldn't have been possible without Zuora.

– Dylan Smith, CFO, Box


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