Zuora’s March ‘14 release makes it easier to nurture subscriber relationships and collect more electronic payments

March 28, 2014

The latest release provides key amendment and sync enhancements for Zuora for Salesforce as well as additional payment collection capabilities

Foster City, CA – March 26, 2014

Zuora, the subscription billing, commerce and finance leader announces the availability of its March ‘14 release.

With a strong focus on enhancing Zuora for Salesforce, this release allows pricing and transaction changes to be communicated to Salesforce on demand, makes managing subscription changes easier and keeps vital account-level information in sync between Zuora and Salesforce. Also with this release, users can now easily accept ACH payments and apply a credit balance to an invoice to help streamline the collections process.

The highlights of this release include:

    • Sync data on demand between Zuora and Salesforce

Subscription businesses are dealing with constant change. New pricing models are launched frequently, bills are being processed and payments are being collected every hour and every minute, not just once a month. With this release, pricing and transaction changes in made in Zuora are no longer limited to flow to Salesforce at scheduled intervals. Zuora for Salesforce users can now see these updates on demand, as often as they like.

    • Do more with Amendments in Zuora for Salesforce

Subscribers will always want to amend subscriptions: upgrades, downgrades, changes to terms and conditions, etc. With this release, Zuora has introduced a new set of amendment enhancements in Zuora for Salesforce. Now Zuora for Salesforce users can create terms & conditions amendments, amend usage charges, view products on a subscription, and much more. These enhancements make it easier for businesses to manage the full subscription lifecycle.

    • Zuora for Salesforce now supports Account Level Custom Fields

In addition to quote-level and charge-level custom fields, Zuora now allows customers to create account-level custom fields in Salesforce and sync their values to Zuora. Customers can now fine tune their quoting workflows even further and keep vital account-level information in sync between Zuora and Salesforce.

    • Accept ACH payments online with little to no development

Customers can now securely accept ACH payments directly through Zuora’s Hosted Payment Pages. With minimal development work, customers can quickly embed an ACH payment form on their commerce website and acquire new customers through a fully PCI compliant solution.

    • Apply a credit balance prior to collecting a payment

When processing payments online or via external platforms through the Zuora API, customers can now apply a credit balance to an invoice prior to collecting a payment. This will help automate and streamline the collections process for B2C customers with high transaction volumes.

All of Zuora’s hundreds of customers automatically received this product update with no negative impact to existing configurations and customizations. This is only possible with the modern, multi-tenant SaaS architecture found in Zuora’s Z-Business platform. Customers can read about the details of the Mar ‘14 release here.


Sr. Vice President of Product Strategy and Product Management at Zuora, Guillaume Vives commented: “We are increasingly moving towards a B2Any commerce world. This month’s features are targeted to both assisted and unassisted sales scenarios. We’re continuing to invest in making it easier for our customers to support the full subscriber lifecycle directly in Salesforce, and to collect payments online without having to hire an army of developers.”