Zuora’s Jan ‘14 Release Helps Customers Nurture, Measure And Scale Subscriber Relationships

October 10, 2014

Latest release introduces more options for reporting, faster and more configurable Salesforce sync options and granular control over subscription change operations

Foster City, CA – January 23, 2014


Zuora, the subscription billing, commerce and finance leader announces the availability of its Jan ‘14 release. This release provides faster Salesforce sync to allow real-time access to critical customer information, and it enables more control over the tools necessary to engineer a positive customer experience.

The highlights of this release include:

    • New Salesforce Sync Options

Last August, Zuora introduced Turbo Sync which provided Salesforce customers with 20X-50X performance improvements in sync performance times. This month, Zuora builds upon Turbo Sync with the introduction of a new two hour Sync option. With this unprecedented sync time, businesses will be able to access customer insight at a frequency they’ve never seen before.

    • New Data Source to Enable More Reporting on Product And Subscription Charges

Zuora provides the ability for customers to rapidly create custom data extracts based on their specific needs. With this release, Zuora is adding to the options available to customers for creating product and subscription charge data extracts. Customers can now create exports that include detailed pricing information for all subscription charges.

    • More Merge Fields On Invoice Templates

With this release Zuora has introduced new merge fields for prior period transaction totals and starting balances on invoices. Customers can now take advantage of these new calculated fields to provide more clarity on prior period transactions.

    • More Control Over Subscriptions In Closed Accounting Periods

Customers using Z-Finance now have the ability to choose whether they will allow changes to subscriptions in closed accounting periods. If enabled this setting allows users to change subscriptions in closed accounting periods, without impacting transactions such as invoices and payments for those closed accounting periods.

    • Better Management of Undelivered Emails

With this release, Zuora introduces a new feature that will route email bouncebacks to an inbox specified by billing administrators. This will allow businesses to track which customer notifications and invoices have not reached their intended recipients and help billing teams take timely action on those emails.

All of Zuora’s hundreds of customers automatically received this product update with no negative impact to existing configurations and customizations. This is only possible with the modern, multi-tenant SaaS architecture found in Zuora’s Z-Business platform. Customers can read about the details of the Jan ‘14 release here.


Sr. Vice President of Product Strategy and Product Management at Zuora, Guillaume Vives commented: “This release kick starts the year and includes a number of features directly requested and voted for by our customers. This is the beginning of an exciting 12 months and we look forward to delivering against our product vision in 2014 at an accelerated pace.”