Zuora’s August ’10 Release gives better control and improved transactional support and reporting

August 23, 2010

New features enhance configurability, usability, accounting reconciliation and reporting

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — August 23, 2010 — Over the last 18 months, Zuora has committed to a monthly new feature release schedule that delivers an unprecedented pace of innovation, even by SaaS standards. Each of these 18 monthly releases has delivered major updates to Zuora’s entire product line, including:

  • Z-Billing, the first billing application designed specifically for subscription businesses
  • Z-Payments, a complete payment solution built for subscription businesses
  • Z-Force, a quoting, renewal management, and a 360 degree customer view built 100% natively on top of Force.com
  • Z-Commerce, the developer platform available at developer.zuora.com.

New Feature Highlights:

  • Custom Invoice Item Sorting: Invoices can have a huge effect on customer satisfaction and collections rates. With this release, Zoura has enhanced our invoice templates to allow much greater control over the sorting of invoice items.
  • Improved Support for Evergreen Subscriptions: Many of Zuora’s customers offer “evergreen” subscriptions that never expire unless they are explicitly cancelled. The August ’10 release now includes evergreen subscription support — giving a low-touch and low-maintenance way of creating and managing these offers.
  • Payment Operations – Invoice Item Adjustment: As part of our ongoing Payment Operations initiative, Zuora is making the process of adjusting invoices for things like customer credits easier to enter and reconcile with accounting systems. Supplementing our existing Invoice Adjustments functionality, adjustments can now be explicitly made to specific line items.
  • Custom Fields on Refunds: This new feature tracks why and how refunds are happening — helping our customers easily spot trends, segment their refund activity, and optimize operations.

What our Customer Community is saying:

“We have complex pricing so our invoices show a lot of different charges. It’s great that we can sort these charges by product, price plan and service periods in any order we like,” said Jessica Huber, Corporate Controller at LiveOffice. “It is important to present invoices to our customers in a way that they prefer and understand.”

“We offer email marketing services and these subscriptions never expire,” said Patrick Block, Finance Manager at Emma. “Once I have the order in, I never have to worry about restarting these subscriptions because Zuora takes care of it all for me.”

“With each release, we see more and more custom fields available for use. It’s nice that we can now tag all refunds with a reason code so that we can quickly determine why and where we are doing most of our refunds, ” said Kathleen Lim, Billing Operations and Collections Manager for Box.net.

About Zuora, Inc.

Zuora’s subscription billing and commerce platform changes the way subscription businesses manage and sell to customers, allowing them to bring new products to market in less time, with more flexibility and less hassle. Zuora customers are up and running within 30 to 90 days and often recognize 200% ROI within weeks. Zuora is built from the ground up by SaaS industry visionaries and veterans from salesforce.com, WebEx, Accenture, Google, eBay, Oracle and Vitria. Zuora customers include Reed Business Information, Coremetrics, InsideView, Marketo, Ricoh, Pandora, Box.net, Xactly, HD Cloud, and Cloud Central.