Zuora’s 30th Consecutive Monthly Product Release Delivers Powerful New Enterprise Capabilities for Discounting, Free Trials and Renewals to Z-Billing

October 10, 2014

30th monthly release sets a new standard for pace of innovation as Zuora’s hundreds of customers automatically receive upgrades via the industry’s only multi-tenant subscription billing platform

Redwood Shores, CA — August 4th, 2011 — Zuora, the subscription billing and commerce leader, today announced the immediate availability of its 30th consecutive monthly release. As the Subscription Economy evolves, businesses will continue to find new ways to capture and monetize customers. Zuora has continuously incorporated these advances into its Z-Billing solution, delivering product updates monthly for 30 consecutive months. And with the only enterprise-grade, multi-tenant billing platform, Zuora’s customers automatically receive these upgrades with no negative impact to existing configurations and customizations. It’s the same model used by salesforce.com, Google, and Amazon, and now companies in the Subscription Economy can realize the same pace of innovation with Zuora.

Zuora customers are thrilled with the continuous innovation, and have taken to Twitter to share their excitement:

  • Thanks @Zuora for continuing your innovation pace for new features, 30 months straight! (Data Doctors) #Z30 @bdisney
  • Been testing our @Zuora integration this week for HTK Horizon subscription billing… some very neat features #SaaS #Z30 #HTKHorizon @jkbowser
  • Our new @phonebooth website is launching tomorrow & our billing is powered by @zuora. Great folks there! #Z30 @cnmoody
  • Timetrade uses @Zuora #z30 and we count on it. We can take 7 product features and turn them into 28 products and put them instantly online @garyambrosino
  • Congrats to @zuora for adding new features for 30 months straight! Way to keep up the innovation! #Z30 #subscriptionbilling #innovation @bbrukx
  • Congrats @Zuora on your 30th month straight of new feature releases. See you at #DF11! @V_Au
  • Look at these testimonials from @Zuora customers‏ https://ow.ly/5OVnY #Z30 @InsideView
  • Congrats to @Zuora for a successful 30 months of new features. @CorySmits
  • Congrats to @zuora for adding new features for 30 months straight! Way to keep up the innovation! @peterdouglas123
  • Congratulations @Zuora on 30 consecutive months of feature releases! Proud to be a customer & enjoy the monthly pulse of new value @ronrasmussen
  • Congratulations @Zuora on your 30th month straight of new feature releases! @Quova
  • Congratulations @Zuora on 30 consecutive months of feature releases! Always good when you can bill your customers correctly. @rupertyoung
  • Nice! RT @zuora: Zuora celebrates its 30th consecutive month of new feature releases! What has been your favorite feature so far? #zuora @ProtoShare

With the latest release, Zuora customers will enjoy a new level of enterprise capabilities across discounting, free trials, and subscription renewals.

  • Free-to-Paid Subscription Enhancements: The free trial is a staple of the Subscription Economy, but to get the most from a free trial program, flexibility is paramount. Zuora has always helped businesses create and track free trial subscriptions, but now there’s more flexibility than ever to set and adjust the length of a trial and then monetize customers once they convert with a feature that automatically sets the billing date and kicks-off the billing process.
  • Renewal Uplifts: In the Subscription Economy, companies continuously deliver enhancements to the services that they offer. In order to monetize the additional services provided, some companies are choosing to build in automatic “uplifts” to their recurring charges. With the new release, this process becomes a snap. You get the ability to manually or automatically set the uplift rates at the company level, the product level, or even at the individual subscription level.
  • Discounting Refinements: As companies experiment with new ways of acquiring, monetizing, upgrading, and renewing customers, they find that the right timing and type of discount can make all the difference. With the new release, Zuora customers can refine their discounting strategy with features that help track fixed discounts across billing periods and to take advantage of discounts available during past billing cycles.

As with each monthly release, all enhancements are propagated across product lines built for key ecosystem partners including salesforce.com, PayPal, Microsoft and VMWare.

“One of the defining characteristics of the Subscription Economy is the speed at which companies must adjust to meet changing consumer needs and demands,” said Luke Braud, VP Engineering & Product Management at Zuora. “Our monthly product innovations enable our customers to keep pace with the changes, allowing them to continue to delight their users and seize greater market share.”

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