Zuora Supports 350+-Year-Old Saint-Gobain’s Digital Transformation through Launch of New Consumption-Based Utility Services

October 2, 2019

Paris & San Mateo, Calif — October 2, 2019 — Zuora, Inc., (NYSE:ZUO) the leading cloud-based subscription management platform provider, announced today that Saint-Gobain, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of building materials, used the Zuora® Central Platform to launch their first subscription offering, Temperly, a global heating and water solution. With the launch of Temperly, Zuora is helping Saint-Gobain move into the business of smart buildings and provide their customers with individualized, consumption-based services.

Industrial manufacturers are in a new era, Industry 4.0, which is driven less by manufactured products, and more by the interconnection of production, logistics, and service processes. According to IDC’s Semiannual Internet of Things Spending Guide, worldwide IoT spending will surpass the $1 trillion mark in 2022 — and we’re already witnessing significant market expansion: in 2018, IoT saw industry growth of 22% according to the Subscription Economy Index. But while the transition to recurring revenue is a necessary evolution, PwC’s Monetizing the Internet of Things survey found that only 14% of manufacturers say they have already created go-to-market IoT strategies.

According to Jean-François Pinard, Director of New Products and Services of DSC, Saint-Gobain, “In our company’s long history, we had never done anything like Temperly — technically, in business, or in culture — so we needed an agile platform to accelerate the launch of our recurring business model. Selecting Zuora was a clear choice over building a homegrown billing application.”

Saint-Gobain’s shift to subscriptions was a strategic proactive response to changing market and regulatory pressures. Their DSC customers (the Sanitary Heating Distribution business unit of Saint-Gobain) included heating engineers, plumbers, and installers who were feeling the pain of new regulatory conditions that required condos to be equipped with appliances that enabled occupants to pay for usage. Of course condo dwellers liked paying only for energy consumed, versus flat fees based on surface measurements — but collecting and billing for usage was a challenge.

Saint-Gobain DSC developed Temperly to help its professional customers collect, measure, and calculate utility consumption so the company could retain its own customers — rather than losing them to specialized service providers. Launching this pilot project was a digital turning point for Saint-Gobain. To be successful, DSC couldn’t rely on adapting internal tools for subscription management. They needed a platform purpose-built to manage the complexities of subscriptions.

DSC relies on Zuora to manage invoicing and subscriptions for optimal efficiency. Because Zuora offers agility and speed, since implementation, DSC can now close accounts faster and create quotes more quickly with fewer resources.

The prime objective of Temperly, beyond the number and scope of new customers, was to provide DSC’s 80,000 active professional customers with added value. As Pinard noted, “The benefits of Temperly are indirect, but essential. By helping our professional clients, we are adding incalculable value and deepening their relationship with the DSC brand.”

Jean-François Pinard will speak at today’s Subscribed Paris event during the morning keynote.
Read more about Saint-Gobain in the company case study here.


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