Zuora Helps Mainichi Newspapers Launch New Digital Subscription Offerings

May 11, 2021

Redwood City, Calif – May 11, 2021 — Zuora, Inc., (NYSE:ZUO) the leading cloud-based subscription management platform provider, announced today that The Mainichi Newspapers Co., Ltd., one of the five national newspapers of Japan, has adopted Zuora® as its subscription platform and was able to launch its new Premium Plan (12 or 6 weeks) in three weeks, rather than the several months or more it used to take to plan, develop, and release new subscription offerings.

While the adoption of subscription-based business models in Japan has lagged that of other big economies, partly due to regulatory barriers, the tide appears to be turning. According to Yano Research Institute, the Japanese subscription market is projected to reach ¥862.35 billion in 2023. Japanese consumers are searching for personalized and more cost-effective ways to use products that have recurring fees.

“To grow our subscription services, we need to develop products that quickly meet the needs of our customers,” says Hiroyuki Takazoe, Chairman, Digital Transformation Committee at The Mainichi Newspapers.

The Mainichi Newspapers chose Zuora because of the platform’s flexibility and scalability in billing and invoice management, its reliability as a system, and the team’s extensive experience and expertise in pricing and packaging for subscriptions.

“By leveraging Zuora’s expertise in the global subscription industry, we hope to achieve this flexibility, and to improve profitability,” continued Takazoe.

The Mainichi Newspapers began providing digital content in addition to its print media in 2015, offering news and other content via subscription. In addition to the “Standard Plan,” which offers unlimited paid articles, Mainichi continues to expand its services in 2021 with the new “Premium Plan,” on a 12 or 6 month basis.

By combining the content owned by The Mainichi Newspapers with the subscription platform provided by Zuora, customer-centric products can be developed and launched more quickly, accelerating the penetration of the subscription model. The Zuora platform’s ability to analyze customer data has also made it easier to provide services that meet customer needs. In the future, it will be easier to plan and develop personalized services that are tailored to the customer.

“By utilizing the Zuora platform, we are able to accurately grasp the ever-changing needs of customers and provide services that meet those needs in a timely manner, which ultimately strengthens our relationships with them,” said Takazoe.

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Jayne Gonzalez