Zuora Delivers New Invoicing Flexibility and Amendment Previews to the World’s Most Robust Subscription Billing & Commerce Platform with the April ’11 Release

October 10, 2014

27th consecutive monthly product release enriches Zuora’s enterprise grade solution, empowering large businesses and fast growing companies alike in the Subscription Economy.

Redwood Shores, CA — April 26th, 2011 — Zuora, the subscription billing and commerce leader, today announced immediate availability of its April ’11 release. With the only true multi-tenant SaaS billing platform, Zuora has kept up with a staggering pace of innovation, delivering the 27th straight month of consistent product enhancements to its customer base. Every month, Zuora delivers new technology based on the feedback and experience of hundreds of customers who have already moved into the Subscription Economy.

“We selected Zuora because of their unmatched domain expertise and thought leadership in cloud billing as well as their pace of innovation,” said Francois Dechery, VP of Services and Operations at CloudBees. “As the trusted Enterprise-grade solution, Zuora’s product really reflects their mastery at making something as sophisticated as subscription billing very easy.”

With the April ’11 Release, Zuora customers will enjoy a new level of flexibility across invoicing, subscription change management, reporting and integration.

  • Subscription Amendment Previews: “Change” is an inherent aspect of subscription commerce. Customers upgrade, downgrade, add-on and renew their subscriptions over time. Zuora is the only platform designed to support this change from quote-to-cash-to-renewal. Amendment previews give you another tool to manage this process, allowing you to see exactly how a subscription change will affect an invoice and your bottom line. And it works on your website, in your back office, or in salesforce.com, making life easier for sales reps, service agents, and your customers.
  • Modular Subscription Invoicing: Companies love Zuora’s ability to aggregate charges from multiple subscriptions into a single invoice for a customer. But sometimes you need the flexibility to break out subscriptions onto a separate invoice. The new modular subscription invoicing in April ’11 lets companies combine or separate subscription invoices in any combination across customer accounts. It’s a new level of flexibility you won’t find in other solutions.
  • Enterprise Reporting and Integration Enhancements: Zuora’s modern SaaS architecture delivers several options to get the data you need, whether you want to plug into the web-services API’s or try the easy-to-use reporting tool. With April ’11, there are an entirely new set of data sources for you to pull from. You can extract critical taxation information for integration or accounting. You can easily report on payments that have been applied to invoices. And you can even get a handle on refunds, either as credit balances or refunded payments.

As with each monthly release, all enhancements are propagated across product lines built for key ecosystem partners including salesforce.com, PayPal, Microsoft and VMWare.

All of Zuora’s hundreds of customers automatically received this 27th consecutive product update with no negative impact to existing configurations and customizations. This is only possible with the modern, multi-tenant SaaS architecture found in Zuora’s Z-Commerce platform.

“Being able to easily make changes to a subscription order such as adding additional bandwidth or another mobile line is key to our customers,” said Bryan Ferre, CMO of Elevate. “Zuora’s new preview feature is powerful because it allows our customers to see changes, such as upgrading to a higher plan, before they place their order. When it comes to being in touch with our customers’ buying experience, Zuora consistently delivers.”

“I like how flexible Zuora is. Whether you need to invoice multiple subscriptions all at once, crediting, refunding, and bill runs are all taken care of by Zuora. The support and documentation are excellent as well.,” said Sizhao Yang, COO of Betterworks.

“One of the defining characteristics of the Subscription Economy is the speed at which companies must adjust to meet changing consumer needs and demands,” said Luke Braud, VP Engineering & Product Management at Zuora. “Our monthly product innovations enable our customers to keep pace with the changes, allowing them to continue to delight their users and seize greater market share.”

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