Zuora Delivers More to Subscription Business with the March ’11 Release: More Powerful Notifications, More Invoice Customization, and More Integration with Visa and MasterCard

October 10, 2014

Zuora continues its record pace of innovation, helping large enterprises and fast growing companies excel in the Subscription Economy.

Redwood Shores, CA — March 24th, 2011 — Zuora, the subscription billing and commerce leader, today announced immediate availability of its March ’11 release. With the only true multi-tenant SaaS billing platform, Zuora has kept up with a staggering pace of innovation, delivering the 26th straight month of consistent product enhancements to its customer base. Every month, Zuora delivers new technology based on the feedback and experience of hundreds of customers who have already moved into the Subscription Economy.

“We needed a billing solution that would scale with our expanding subscription business,” said Jonathan Alexander, VP of Engineering at Vocalocity. “Zuora proved to be the only Enterprise class solution that could not only handle all of our current needs but support our future needs as well.”

With the March ’11 Release, Zuora customers have even more tools for managing the subscription commerce lifecycle from quote-to-cash-to-renewal with the most complete enterprise solution on the market.

  • Fully Customizable PDF Invoices: Only Zuora delivers fully customizable PDF invoices, allowing companies to easily create customized invoices or redesign their invoice templates on-the-fly, with no code. And now they’re even more flexible, with 18 new fields for displaying calculated totals and subscription details like Account Monthly Recurring Revenue.
  • New Billing and Payments Notification Rules: Zuora offers an easy-to-use and flexible notification engine so companies can email customers or update other systems about events like a credit card expiration or a completed bill run. With the March ’11 release, that engine got a lot more powerful, including a new set of notification events as well as fully customizable customer profiles and communication templates.
  • Deeper Integration with Visa and Master Card: Zuora leads the market with its subscription commerce ecosystem, and now that network is even more robust with integration to Visa ® Account Updater and MasterCard ® Automatic Billing Updater technology. Companies can now get automatic updates to critical account changes, like customers’ changing credit card numbers, expiration dates, or account statuses.

As with each monthly release, all enhancements are propagated across product lines built for key ecosystem partners including salesforce.com, PayPal, Microsoft and VMWare.

All of Zuora’s hundreds of customers automatically received this 26th consecutive product update with no negative impact to existing configurations and customizations. This is only possible with the modern, multi-tenant SaaS architecture found in Zuora’s Z-Commerce platform. Customers can read about the details of the March ’11 release at zuorainternprd.wpengine.com/whatsnew.

“With Zuora’s customer notifications, my customers are automatically notified when their credit cards are due to expire,” said Peter Gries, VP of Strategic Technology for Connecture. “Being able to automatically notify my customers automatically based on different criteria is a critical component of our subscription business. Zuora’s technology has given us the capability to scale our products both effectively and efficiently.”

“I am always impressed with what Zuora delivers — the most advanced features in subscription billing and payments built for scale,” said Chris Henley, VP of Engineering at Roost. “Without having to write code, our provisioning system is instantly notified when a customer signs up for a subscription using automated callout notifications.”

“Zuora’s flexible invoicing allows me to efficiently meet the needs of my diverse group of online training customers,” said Jason MacMurray, VP of Operations at Mindflash Technologies. “Zuora’s new invoicing feature allows us to tailor our invoices to reflect the unique needs of our business.”

“With our growing customer base and their evolving needs, Zuora makes it easy for us to respond to market changes,” said Andrew Cheng Platform Manager, Kantar Video. “We can instantly test and adapt our pricing models and packaging without any impact to the billing, allowing us to speed up our time to market for new products considerably.”

“One of the defining characteristics of the Subscription Economy is the speed at which companies must adjust to meet changing consumer needs and demands,” said Luke Braud, VP Engineering & Product Management at Zuora. “These monthly product innovations enable our customers to keep pace with the changes, allowing them to continue to delight their customers, and seize greater market share.”

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