The Twittersphere is Buzzing about Zuora’s March ’10 Release

October 10, 2014

Zuora’s monthly releases continues to set the pace of innovation for the subscription billing industry

Redwood City, CA — March 18, 2010 — Zuora, Inc., the fastest growing on-demand subscription billing and payments service, today announced its March ’10 Release. March ’10 continues Zuora’s 15-month track record of releasing, every month, major updates to its industry leading subscription billing and payments SaaS service. Zuora’s monthly release engine has resulted in a product that is easy to use, highly customizable, and yet delivers more features and functionality than billing systems that have been around for much, much longer.

Highlights among the new features included in March ’10 include:

  • Support for Custom Fields. Now, Zuora customers can add custom fields to their account, subscription, and product catalog objects — just as easily as they do in
  • Customizable Billing Operations. Billing automation has never been easier. Should invoices be automatically posted or only after a manual quality check? Should $0 invoices be emailed out? Should proration happen by month, day, a 30-day month, or not at all? Control exactly how billing should work with just click of the mouse.
  • Subscription Metrics. Measure the health of your subscription business. Key industry metrics such as Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) and Total Contract Value (TCV) are now recorded not just on the customer account, but also on every subscription, product and even on each individual charge.
  • Quickbooks like data entry. For Quickbooks users, March ’10 offers several enhancements including the ability to quickly enter dates in a MMDDYYYY format.
  • Test Payment Gateway. For customers testing out Zuora’s Z-Payments module, March ’10 allows them to set up a test gateway without actually first having a merchant account or a login to a payment gateway.


Customers are already tweeting about March ’10. Here is what a few had to say…

  • WinCartwright: Custom fields in Zuora are gonna rock! We at Improveit!360 are looking forward to using them!
  • wesbarton: The api documentation provided by @Zuora made it a snap to integrate billing into the ConcurBreeze product for @ConcurInc
  • bwacm: # 2 @Zuora new feature – New Subscription Views, helping Beyond Wine & Cheese Marketing better manage our customer subscriptions.
  • justingroden: @Zuora ‘s new user interface really helps our employees at Fused Solutions become more acquainted with the platform at a faster pace.
  • bdisney: We use the @Zuora recurring billing solution for our Quality Care subscriptions and the new ‘custom field’ feature makes Zuora even better!
  • justingroden: With @Zuora our company, @SpiceCSM, is now able to utilize automatic emailing of invoices, saving us tons of time. Great new feature
  • markokenya: @Zuora my favorite Zuora new feature is the new UI -it’s easier and more logical, and makes us more efficient here at Xactly Corp.
  • rkustner: the Custom Fields option in the new @zuora release is very nice! it allows better integration with our systems at IC&S #listeningtocustomers
  • ptancredi: @Zuora. Thanks for the new payment test gateway, it will make testing our Quova service so much easier
  • bwacm: # 1 @Zuora new feature – Custom Fields, now (finally!) letting Beyond Wine & Cheese Marketing add business specific data to our invoices.
  • srclsellers: @Zuora: I love Zuora‘s new Proration options, we will use these often for customers who add on products to their base subscriptions.
  • WinCartwright: Our Improveit!360 Customer Support team is already using the Zuora export invoice functionality; makes life easier!
  • wesbarton: My favorite feature in @Zuora is the ability to cancel subscriptions on shortcut dates. That let’s me simplify the code I write @ConcurInc.
  • markokenya: Favorite New feature in Zuora: new UI, with smarter subscriptions and charges alignment. This was on our wish list – nice job guys!
  • pixetell: @Zuora: We at Ontier are loving that we can create invoices in word & PDF now! Great feature update!
  • KGRapport: @Zuora: Ontier Inc the makers of Pixetell are loving that we can create invoices in word & PDF now! Great feature update!
  • markboxxer: I like the new @zuora proration features. We use proration a lot at, so it will definitely be useful!
  • bwacm: Top 3 @Zuora new features in today’s release: # 3 – Auto-renew subscriptions in Advance, so we can process & send out our invoices on time!
  • WinCartwright: Managing Zuora user roles just got easier. Here at Improve!it360 we just started using that great functionality!

“Billion dollar companies are built by listening to the customer, and putting Customer Success first,” said Tien Tzuo, CEO and co-founder, Zuora. “That’s been the guiding principle behind what goes into our monthly releases, and March ’10 continues that tradition.”

Over the last 15 months, Zuora has committed to a monthly new feature release schedule that delivers an unprecedented pace of innovation, even by SaaS standards. And with the SaaS model, all of the new functionality is available to customers instantly and fully documented in the Zuora Knowledge Center.

For more information on Zuora’s latest features, visit: Zuora’s New Features Page.

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