CVSDude uses Zuora’s Subscription Commerce Platform to Power Its New Product Launch

October 10, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — June 11, 2009 — Zuora, Inc., the fastest-growing on-demand subscription billing and payments service, announced that its customer, CVSDude, has gone live with Zuora’s subscription commerce platform. By using Z-Billing, Z-Payments, and the Z-Commerce platform, CVSDude was able to launch its new FrogSAFE(TM) premium service in record time, enabling the company to generate new revenue streams, increase cash collections, all without requiring any dedicated headcount.

Founded in 2002, CVSDude, an Australian-based provider of Subversion Hosting, grew quickly and now has more than 60,000 users in more than 66 countries. In 2008, CVSDude moved its headquarters to the United States and brought new CEO Jason Seed on board to ramp up business growth. A key strategy of this growth was the introduction of premium services.

CVSDude required a robust billing system in order to execute its premium services launch. The company selected Zuora’s API-driven SaaS billing system to manage its customer subscriptions, invoicing and payments, while automating important ordering and provisioning flows. This move enabled CVSDude to focus on building new, premium services instead of wasting valuable engineering resources on projects outside of the company’s core expertise.

With Zuora’s help, CVSDude brought new products to market and improved business, in the following ways:

  • Z-Billing is used to capture all transactions, providing a scalable and efficient subscription management and billing operation without adding headcount.
  • Zuora’s SubscribeNow API is used to automate web orders and initiate credit card payments, increasing cash flow with upfront collection directly at
  • Payment histories are displayed within the CVSDude system using Zuora’s API’s, allowing for better management of interactions for renewals, upgrades and plan changes.

As CVSDude streamlined its business processes, the company introduced innovative new products and subscription services to market with ease. Using Zuora’s highly flexible commerce platform to host its subscription business, CVSDude quickly realized tangible results.

“With Zuora, we initially sought out a reliable billing system, but have come to realize they provide so much more—we found a partner that can give us the capabilities to execute our growth strategy. Now, we can focus our company’s core strengths, put products to market faster and cement our role as a leader in Subversion Hosting. If you are a subscription based company and need to monetize, I recommend you check out Zuora,” said Jason Seed, CEO, CVSDude.

“By using Zuora to build and manage its subscription billing system, CVSDude can focus on its core services, while reducing costs and gaining revenue — that’s the power of the Business Cloud,” said Tien Tzuo, CEO, Zuora.

In April 2009, Zuora launched Z-Billing 2.0, the most powerful and customizable on-demand billing platform available anywhere. Z-Billing is the first billing application designed specifically for subscription companies, giving them the flexibility and power to create, manage, and grow their business. Within one year of launching, Zuora completed its suite of products, including Z-Payments, a complete payment solution built for subscription businesses that includes the ability to accept PayPal payments; Z-Force, the first billing and payment system fully integrated with and 100% native to the platform; Z-Commerce, the Business Cloud developer platform; and Z-Commerce for Facebook.

Zuora has more than 100 customers, including CVSDude, Marketo,, and Sun Microsystems.

About CVSDude

CVSDude is a pioneer and the leading worldwide provider of On-Demand Enterprise Source Control Management (SCM), Subversion hosting, and developer solutions to distributed teams and companies. Powered by new CVSDude FrogSAFE Technology, CVSDude hosting plans deliver industry-leading scalability, reliability, and security for a fraction of the cost of in-house solutions. CVSDude’s customers include leading software, consulting, digital design, university, and government organizations working on the world’s most complex open-source and commercial software applications.

About Zuora, Inc.

Zuora is the fastest-growing on-demand subscription billing and payment service. The Zuora platform changes the way subscription businesses manage and sell to customers, and allows them to bring new products to market in less time, with less hassle. Zuora is built from the ground up by SaaS industry visionaries and veterans from, WebEx, Accenture, Postini (now Google), and Oracle. The company is based in Redwood City, California. To learn more about Zuora, please visit