Judy Loehr

Enterprise SaaS Venture Capital

Bayla Ventures

Judy Loehr is a SaaS industry veteran who spent the past 19 years building enterprise SaaS companies, and a VC firm, from the ground up. As an operator, Judy has worked with 40+ SaaS companies, including Salesforce, Zuora, Servicemax and Conga, building out their early products and go-to-market strategies.

Judy transitioned to the VC world in 2014, co-building a VC firm in San Francisco that led investments in early-stage SaaS companies. With Bayla Ventures, Judy is now selecting, advising and investing in a new portfolio of successful enterprise SaaS companies.

In her spare time Judy mentors tech execs and is the Executive Producer for Makeshift Society – the first-ever tv comedy series about a female founder in Silicon Valley.