Daniel Defeo

Director, Product Operations

QlikTech Inc.

Daniel DeFeo joined Qlik in 2011 as the first person fully dedicated to maintenance renewals, which is
where he gained his appreciation and enthusiasm for ratable revenue streams and their importance to
business success. In this role, he built out Recurring Revenue Business Processes and Budgeting and
Forecast Models.
During Daniel’s career at Qlik, he has held roles within the Accounting, Corporate Finance, and Product /
R&D Organizations. He helped build out the current Revenue Accounting group, including process and
system design related to global finance operations. In his current role, he is responsible for license
management and product entitlements, subscription management, Qlik’s product catalogue, and
supports Qlik’s quoting systems.
Daniel was selected as one of the leaders of Qlik’s transition within the Subscription economy due to his
experience with ratable revenue streams, as well as his core knowledge of the Qlik sales and renewal
operations and processes. In this project, he led the evaluation, selection, design, and implementation
of a subscription management tool, while also supporting the other key initiatives around customer
centricity, customer success, subscription packaging, and KPIs and reporting.
Daniel has his MBA with a concentration in Accounting and his BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
from the University of Pennsylvania.