“Our support agents can immediately answer customer questions about invoices, payments, usage, rate plans, and so forth.” — Ruslan Bondarev, CTO.

Company SMTP
Industry Cloud Applications

The Customer

SMTP provides cloud-based e-mail delivery services.

The Challenge

They needed to replace an aging billing system that was costing them time, revenue, and customers.

The Solution

Zuora implemented a billing system with faster invoicing, robust reporting to facilitate audits, and a Salesforce integration to improve customer service.

The Benefits

SMTP saw a revenue bump simply as a result of delivering clearer invoices. They cut billing and auditing time by more than half.

“Previously, the monthly billing process required the efforts of four full-time employees plus assistance from two others. With Zuora, two people handle the entire process, including invoicing, payment processing, dunning, refunds, and invoice adjustments.” — Ruslan Bondarev, CTO

SMTP's Story

Zuora dramatically simplified SMTP.com's billing system and improved their audit processes.

SMTP makes e-mail better. They offer Simple Mail Transfer Protocol services—a fancy term for the process that moves e-mail from a customer's application server, through ISP, and into a recipient's inbox.

SMTP.com has more than 10,000 customers who get e-mail with less time, cost, and complexity than they would handling it themselves.

SMTP faced some tough challenges with its previous billing tool. The billing service provider was falling short on system stability, data accuracy, and technical support. The upshots included costly invoicing delays, overcharges and undercharges, and slow resolutions. SMTP.com was losing revenue and losing customers.

What's more, the limited capabilities in the incumbent system made it hard for the finance team to prepare for and pass their quarterly audits. “It was impossible to compile the data we needed,” says Alena Chuprakova, Controller.

Employees and even senior executives spent hours each quarter manually gathering and compiling information from the subscription billing provider, and attempting to reconcile it with internal operational data.

It was time for a change. The SMTP team evaluated many options and chose Zuora. Zuora has helped the team to streamline and automate billing processes and dramatically increase efficiency and productivity.

Senior management no longer has to spend valuable time monitoring billing processes. Zuora's reliability, performance, and accuracy have eliminated the billing issues they were dealing with. Now, invoices run on time and error-free, which keeps revenue flowing in. Zuora's tight integration with Salesforce is also a major plus. Customer support agents have immediate access to customer information, so they can answer questions and make amendments rapidly. Zuora’s robust reporting capabilities give the team visibility into billing and finance operations. The SMPT.com team can monitor each payment gateway and quickly intervene if technical failures occur.

With Zuora, SMTP has not only alleviated the billing headaches, but the company also has the resources to expand service offerings and billing processes in a just a few clicks.

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