“Servcorp’s core competency is not in building subscription billing systems, but Zuora’s is.” — Matthew Baumgartner, CIO

Software and technology
The Customer

Servcorp provides virtual offices and executive suites to companies around the globe.

The Challenge

As they prepared to launch a new virtual telephone service in Australia and Japan, they needed to integrate their subscription, billing, and finance operations in one platform.

The Solution

Zuora provided all of that, plus a subscription analytics suite that helps them monitor the vital signs.

The Benefits

Zuora enabled Servcorp to get the market's first cloud-based virtual telephone service off the ground.

“The lion’s share of the technology budget shouldn’t be spent on keeping the lights on. It should be spent on innovation, and that’s really where we’re heading with this partnership.” — Matthew Baumgartner, CIO

Even when you’re a proven player in an international market, launching new ventures is never easy. You need strong partners to drive invention. Servcorp found that partner in Zuora.

Servcorp sells virtual offices and serviced office space around the world. In 2012 they launched Gnee, a new subscription-based telephone-attendant service. The new service was designed to capture the SMB market, initially in Australia and Japan.

Heading into the launch, Servcorp faced a common problem: their billing system was neither scalable nor flexible enough to handle diverse customer needs. Commerce, billing and finance were siloed in different systems, requiring manual data entry and higher error rates. “Previously, when someone in the business had come up with a new way to price or wanted to run a new promotion,” explains Chief Information Officer Matthew Baumgartner, “that was a conversation between myself and a technology head—and really that consumed a whole bunch of resources and time.”

Since they adopted Zuora’s subscription management platform, Servcorp has been able to expand their international client base dramatically. We’ve helped them implement new revenue strategies, automate subscription operations, and analyze key metrics.

Servcorp knew that a seamless flow from frontend to backend was crucial for a successful launch—and for creating delightful customer experiences. With Zuora, they were able to connect processes like pricing, quoting, orders, billing and payments. It freed up client service reps to focus on customer success rather than getting bogged down in admin. Plus, Zuora boosted Servcorp’s efficiency by automating online payment processing.

Data analytics was another key factor in Servcorp’s decision to adopt Zuora. They needed access to key metrics to gauge the success of their new offering and to inform future decision-making. Some of the metrics include MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) by Region, Customer TCV (Total Contract Value) and Renewal Rates. Zuora is purpose-built to report on all of these and more.

With Zuora, Servcorp can now dedicate its resources to the important things: innovation and growth.