“To try to launch a B2C offering on our homegrown billing system wasn’t realistic. It would have taken more than a year — which is forever for a business like ours. With Zuora it took less than 4 months to launch.” - Victor van den Berg, CEO Radiuz

Company Radiuz
Industry B2C

The Customer

Radiuz, a subsidiary of AutoBinck Group (one of the largest mobility groups in Europe), is a leading provider of integrated mobility solutions.

The Challenge

Radiuz’s existing homegrown billing system couldn’t scale to support its expansion from the B2B to the B2C space.

The Solution

Zuora Billing enabled Radiuz to integrate all its mobility services onto one platform for a seamless customer experience.

The Benefits

With Zuora, Radiuz was able to launch its B2C service in under 4 months and now has real-time access to usage and the ability to react to data by rolling out new pricing and packaging strategies in less than one hour.

“Customers don’t see what we’re doing with Zuora...and that’s good. Nobody’s interested in the pipes that get water from the tanks through the taps into your house. Users don’t want to see the complexity behind your business. They just want the end result. Zuora helps us provide seamless access to mobility for our customers.” - Victor van den Berg, CEO Radiuz

The Radiuz Story

Founded in 2009, Radiuz spent six years building a platform for mobility solutions. In 2016 it was acquired by AutoBinck Group, the oldest “start-up” in the Netherlands. With 110+ years of experience, AutoBinck recognized the need to prepare for a different future to secure its position as a leading mobility service provider. So it began to acquire and consolidate adjacent businesses — from the largest echarging company to the largest peer2peer car sharing platform in Europe.

When Radiuz was acquired, it operated in a B2B environment, providing business customers with access to transport and related services like fueling and parking. In the first 2 years under AutoBinck, Radiuz grew from 2000 users to 50,000, but Radiuz saw great growth opportunity in the B2C market.

While Radiuz saw demand for easier, faster, simpler, and cheaper access to mobility options from individual consumers, B2C involved greater complexity and risk than Radiuz was used to. Rather than sending one bill to businesses for multiple employees, Radiuz needed the ability to send a large volume of invoices every 10 minutes to individual consumers, consolidating different providers and different plans into individual bills.

But, according to Radiuz CEO Victor van den Berg, “The homegrown billing system we had built for our B2B business couldn’t scale to support our shift to B2C.”

The existing solution was fine for absorbing data and handling large transactions without differentiating price levels. But to provide a good customer experience, Radiuz needed the ability to segregate between different customers without impacting the entire population.

So they headed to Google! In researching solutions, Radiuz discovered that what they needed was something called “subscription billing.” And that lead them to Zuora, the leading subscription billing platform.

In less than 4 months, using Zuora Billing, Radiuz launched its B2C offering. According to van den Berg, “Launching this new offering on our homegrown system would have taken us at least 12 months. And a year for a start-up is forever!”

Now on Zuora, Radiuz is focused on customer insights and activating its current base. It’s able to run scripts to see which customers are spending time where and when. And it can act on usage data quickly — spinning up new pricing plans and trials within an hour to try to influence metrics.

With 25 different mobility suppliers on the Radiuz platform — from public transport to Uber — Radiuz can differentiate price for services, groups, and markets. And the benefits of Zuora extend throughout the organization. Not only can line of business owners move more quickly to make pricing changes, but the finance and tech organizations also have greater agility. As van den Berg notes, “With Zuora, we can put our CFO and CTO at the handlebars, giving them the freedom to experiment.”

According to van den Berg, “Zuora started as a tool, but now it’s become a partnership.” Within the next three years, Radiuz will have 200k users on the platform, with plans to sunset its homegrown billing system and move all customers on to Zuora.

Notes van den Berg, “Zuora enables us to provide better access to core services and focus on providing solutions for our customers. In short, Zuora enables us to be in business.”

“If you have a homegrown billing system but realize that what you’ve built isn’t providing enough value and is holding your business back, you need to make a shift. Once you find out that Zuora might be the solution, it’s almost too late.” – Victor van den Berg, CEO Radiuz

“Billing isn’t our core business. We have to send invoices, but we don’t want to spend time on it. We want to spend our time onboarding new partners and new customers.” – Victor van den Berg, CEO Radiuz

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