"Zuora's payments processing capability has removed a lot of administrative overhead for us. It readily handles our subscription-based charging system and our multi-currency operations." - Ashik Ahmed, Chief Technology Officer

Company Deputy
Industry Cloud Applications

The Customer

Deputy delivers a cloud-based work scheduling platform

The Challenge

Rapid growth rate was putting strain on legacy customer billing system

The Solution

Deployed Zuora to streamline billing and invoicing processes

The Benefits

Dramatically improved customer billing capabilities, significantly reduced back-office administration and added support for multiple currencies

"We are growing at a rate of 30 per cent a month so keeping an eye on cash flows is critical. With Zuora, this is much easier to achieve." - Ashik Ahmed, Chief Technology Officer

Deputy's Story

Deputy uses Zuora to manage its rapidly growing subscriber client base. As well as reducing back-end administration, it is supporting the company's international expansion.

Established in 2008, Deputy provides a cloud-based work scheduling and people management platform that helps businesses streamline their staffing activities. Based in Sydney, the company is active in more than 30 countries across the globe.

"We recognised that, if we were to maintain our growth rate, we would need to critically assess our business processes and look for ways in which we could make them more efficient," says Deputy's Chief Technology Officer Ashik Ahmed.

One of the components examined was Deputy's customer billing system which was no longer providing the flexibility and levels of customer service required.

"We use a metered billing system for our platform," explains Ahmed. "This means our clients are charged based on exactly what they have used during the month. This improves flexibility but also makes calculating invoices a challenge."

Ahmed says when the company began operations, invoice calculations and processing had been completed manually. Once customer numbers began to increase, an in-house application was developed to automate and streamline the process.

"We were not able to do multi-currency pricing, and extracting reports from the system was quite cumbersome," says Ahmed. "We knew we needed to find a suitable replacement that could support our subscription charging model."

After examining a range of options, Deputy made the decision to adopt Zuora. "The choice was made quite quickly when we realised that Zuora could provide the features and capabilities that we required," he says.

"My perspective on life is that you should shoot for the stars and you might land on the moon. With Zuora, we shot for the stars and reached them!"

Ahmed says Zuora's end-to-end subscription management capabilities have streamlined the entire billing process with customers now receiving bills that clearly show their level of usage throughout the month.

"It has also given us a much better view into our revenue streams," he says. "The scalability and flexibility of Zuora is what makes it so valuable for us," he says.

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