"This isn't just a Silicon Valley story, nor is this a Silicon Valley book (there are already lots of those). This is a business story." - Tien Tzuo

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National Bestseller : LA Times & USA Today

Learn from the foremost authority on the Subscription Economy

National Best Selling Author Tien Tzuo is the founder and CEO of Zuora, the leading Subscription Economy SaaS provider, with more than 1,000 customers worldwide. He is the foremost authority on "The Subscription Economy." He was formerly the chief marketing officer and chief strategy officer of Salesforce. He hosts the global Subscribed conferences and lives in San Francisco. Contact information for speaking opportunities.

"Tien Tzuo, who I was lucky enough to hire as my eleventh employee at Salesforce, has written the definitive playbook for anyone navigating the most important business model shift of our time. The subscription model is exploding everywhere, and nobody knows how to steer through this shift better than Tien." - Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO of Salesforce

Prepare for the future of business

We're at a pivotal moment in business history, one not seen since the Industrial Revolution. The pure product economy is nearing the end of a 120-year-run and the world is shifting towards services.

Companies like Spotify, Netflix, and Adobe have led the way, but in five years, we'll be subscribing to everything: information technology, transportation, retail services, healthcare, even housing. In Subscribed, Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo (who coined the phrase “Subscription Economy”) explains how the shift to a recurring revenue model really works -- and how business leaders can nail the transition.

"Subscribed is the ultimate playbook for customer-first companies." - Caryn Seidman-Becker, Chairman & CEO of CLEAR

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"This book is ostensibly about subscription models, but it's ultimately about the future of business. In Subscribed, you'll learn from the masters of this business model and fundamentally change the way you think about your product, customers, growth, and talent -- no matter what industry you're in." - Aaron Levie, CEO & Founder of Box

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