With subscriptions becoming the core monetization model for businesses worldwide, companies have started launching hybrid offerings that bundle their services with not only usage components, but also physical goods and other one-time purchases. Subscription companies now want to monetize the best of their subscriptions, products, and professional services together. This shift can be found in every industry, whether it's a technology company selling teleconference hardware to supplement its software service, a manufacturer introducing telemetry services tied to its industrial equipment, or a media company offering live event passes on top of its digital streaming service. 


IDCのデジタルビジネスモデルおよび収益化リサーチディレクター、Mark Thomason氏が作成したこのホワイトペーパーでは、Zuoraの新しい統合収益化機能が、サブスクリプションと製品の組み合わせを迅速に市場に投入するためのアジリティを企業にどのように提供するかについて説明しています。Zuoraの新しいCPQを導入することにより、企業や営業部はセット製品を適切な価格で適切なお客様に提供できるようになりました。 




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