Shift Happens Episode 4

Why Seamless Operations & Execution is Critical to Business Model Transformation


Satya Jena, Sr. Director, SaaS Product Management, VMWare, joins Neej to discuss VMWare's BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal!).

Find out how building a seamless customer experience is going to help VMWare break the next multi-billion dollar barrier.

#ShiftHappens is a web series about Digital Transformation — what this means, how subscriptions are the future of all businesses, and how to successfully shift your business so you don't get disrupted.

Hosted by Neej Parikh, Regional VP of North America Strategic Sales at Zuora, #ShiftHappens features deep conversations with thought leaders, subscription economy experts, and everyday practitioners.

Watch now and learn how to reimagine your business in order to meet ever-changing consumer expectations, create new monetization opportunities, and build a highly successful brand.

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