Monetizing Industry 4.0 & Shifting to Subscriptions

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Access key content from Zuora’s Monetizing Industry 4.0 event and hear from subject matter experts about how to shift to subscriptions and ultimately transform your business.

Introduction to the Subscription Economy & Monetizing Industry 4.0, featuring Amy Konary, Chair of Zuora’s Subscribed Institute, & Michael Mansard, Principal Director of Business Transformation & Innovation at Zuora

Duration: 30 Minutes

Customer Story: From selling pumps in boxes to delivering water-as-a-service - Grundfos, featuring Fredrik Östbye, Group VP Future Innovation Lab at Grundfos

Duration: 30 Minutes

Business Model Strategy: Transition from one-time products towards flexible consumption models, featuring Kristof Boodts, Director Deloitte Digital, & Nicky O’Callaghan, Zuora’s RVP Strategic Alliances, EMEA

Duration: 30 Minutes

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Video 1 - Intro to the Subscription Economy

Video 2 - Customer Story

Video 3 - Business Model Strategy

Meet Our Experts

Amy Konary
Chair, Subscribed Institute

Michael Mansard
Principal Director of Business Transformation & Innovation, Zuora

Fredrik Östbye
Group VP Future Innovation Lab, Grundfos

Kristof Boodts
Director Deloitte Digital

Nicky O’Callaghan
Zuora’s RVP Strategic Alliances, EMEA