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The world’s leading monetization platform manages subscriptions, hybrid and usage-based pricing, SaaS metrics, and assists with ASC 606 compliant revenue recognition. Launch new pricing strategies, invoice accurately, automate recurring payments, and grow ARR with Zuora for Startups.

The world's leading SaaS startups Build, Run, and Grow with Zuora.


Launch 50+ pricing models out of the box.

Thriving startups rely on the ability to test and rapidly deploy Usage, Subscription, and Hybrid pricing models to grow ARR and serve a diverse customer base.

Automate quote to revenue. Bill with agility.

Keep your RevOps and Finance teams lean, efficient, and powerful with reduced manual operations, automated recurring billing, error-proof subscription changes, and customer experiences that delight.
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Quote with speed and ease.

From signups to renewals to upgrades, Zuora CPQ is the only quoting software purpose built for quoting any combination of subscriptions, products, and services. Even complex midterm changes are easy when sales and finance are aligned. Improve efficiency and control, and empower reps to close faster.
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Audit-proof revenue recognition for any business model.

Reduce compliance risks, minimize bottom line costs, and build predictable revenue forecasts. Fully automate ASC 606 & IFRS 15 for any business model, reconcile revenue in real-time, and forecast with real-time insights.
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Customer Secureframe

We partnered with Zuora to help scale up our growth strategy. We love their codeless product catalog which gives us the agility to package and go-to-market with a robust set of compliance offerings.

– Shrav Mehta

Founder and CEO, Secureframe

secureframe woman looking at documents
Customer Carta

Being able to have a robust subscription billing system that allowed us to consolidate all of the customer’s products & subscriptions into one invoice and one unified experience for them was a big driver for us to move to Zuora.

– Mason Miles

Director of Finance Systems, Carta

carta woman viewing information on a tablet
Customer Zoom

Zoom has experienced triple-digit YoY revenue growth* over the past several years. We needed a solution that could help us scale our entire business operations and deliver a personalized experience to our valued customers. Zuora has proven to be a trusted partner and a true system of record for our subscription-based business.

– Kelly Steckelberg

CFO, Zoom *Stated growth from 2018

zoom man attending a zoom meeting
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Zuora for Startups Resources


Reaping the Recurring Benefits of Industry 4.0
Reaping the Recurring Benefits of Industry 4.0, by Zuora and Roland Berger, is a packaged “starter kit” for Manufacturers ready to take on digital transformation.


Subscription Economy Index™
The latest edition of the annual Subscription Economy Index™ (SEI), Zuora’s Subscribed Institute’s landmark index, tracks the rapid ascent of the Subscription Economy.


Zuora named a leader in IDC MarketScape: Enterprise Solution Management Applications
In the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Enterprise-focused Subscription and Usage Management Applications 2022 Vendor Assessment, Zuora’s strategies and capabilities were evaluated, and the company was positioned in the Leaders Category for the third time.


Scaling Next-Generation Monetization, Featuring PwC
How to sell anything as a service with the right industry strategy


2022 Subscription Economy Outlook
Zuora’s Latest Subscription Economy Index Shows Continued Momentum


Elevating the role of Finance and Accounting
How to Modernize Your Team and Drive Business Transformation

Why Zuora for Startups?

Easy to Evaluate

A dedicated and accessible startup team, a cohort community, Zuora thought leadership, and a trial experience for qualified evaluators.

Simple Startup Pricing

Built to grow with you, Zuora for Startups delivers the functionality you need at a competitive price.  Add more sophisticated Zuora functionality as your needs grow.

Quick to Implement

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is billing. But you need a solution now and your resources are limited.  Expert Zuora for Startups partners offer implementation packages to get you up and running quickly.
There is a lot of work on the front and back end of a renewal to retain customers. Zuora’s Workflow Builder helps us maximize subscription revenue and keep our customers informed and educated.”
– Ben Seeman
Credit and Collections Manager at Motive

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