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Zuora helps media organizations create happy subscription experiences

Subscriptions are no news for media. But if you expect people to pay for content in an age of social media, aggregators, online videos and smartphones, you have to prove the value every time a customer interacts with you. And how you manage the business end of the relationship can be as important as the content you produce. Zuora's RBM system makes at least that part easier.

How can Zuora's Subscription Relationship Management system help your media business?

Build brilliant relationships

Speak to each subscriber's preferences by offering a range of plans and consumption models for them to choose from. Make it easy for them to manage the relationship with self-service accounts accessible from any device. Then use the data you glean from subscribers to promote personalized content that targets their interests.

Deliver a user experience so good it's almost invisible

Zuora makes purchasing and accessing content so intuitive that subscribers barely notice it. Subscribers can choose how they want to consume content, then receive accurate, automated invoices. They can pay with any method and access content across every device.

Take a fresh look at your subscribers

Media consumers expect to be treated as individuals—not as readerships, demographics or accounts. Zuora's analytics and reporting empower you to deliver targeted content that each subscriber will engage with. The full view of subscribers—including purchases, usage statistics, articles read, subscription cycles and response to promotions—shows you not only what they've consumed, but what will likely interest them in the future.

Monetize content creatively

With Zuora, how you define your products is up to you. Create standard rate plans for weekly, monthly or quarterly subscriptions. Or implement flexible charge models—per article or per download. You can even run promotional bundles. The flexibility allows you to try new things and test what clicks with your subscribers.

Get a fresh look into your business

With subscriptions, you'll measure the health of your business differently. Zuora offers an industry-leading business intelligence system with subscription-specific metrics, like MRR, ARR, usage, and churn. The data is available in real time to any person or team you authorize.

Speak to the world

Zuora is designed for global audiences. Secure payments, multiple currencies, automatic rating and international tax compliance come built in.

Bring your subscription business under one roof

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