How To Get Certified as a Zuora Product Catalog Manager

Build your toolkit for the Subscription Economy. Get Zuora-Certified.

Zuora Product Catalog Managers are responsible for configuring and managing their company’s product catalog in Zuora. Their tasks include, but are not limited to, assessing the feasibility of several pricing strategies for their business, configuring their company’s product catalog based on the assessment of the pricing strategies, configuring discounts, and setting up pricing in multiple currencies.

The Zuora Product Catalog Manager certification exam assesses your ability to configure products, rate plans, and charges in Zuora to address your company’s business requirements. The exam also assesses your understanding of the ramifications of configuring these settings on other parts of Zuora.

While it’s not required to take the courses included in a Certification track, succeeding on the exam requires hands-on experience with Zuora Product Catalog. Even if you don’t plan on taking some courses, you’ll need a Zuora University subscription to access the certification exam itself.


  • Guarantee organizational readiness before rollout
  • Maximize the benefits from Zuora functionality
  • Configure settings in Zuora that align to your company’s changing business needs
  • Gain meaningful expertise that is applicable across the entire subscription economy

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For more information on how to access certification exams on certification releases and content, check out the Zuora Administrator Certification FAQ