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The Growth & Leadership Academy

At Zuora we recognize that high-growth startups have their own unique challenges: scaling management tiers, maintaining sales efficiency, operationalizing core roles, developing new leaders and executing new recurring revenue-based business models.

That’s why for the first time, we created a half-day “conference-within-a-conference” specifically designed for high-growth companies seeking to accelerate into mature enterprises.

The Climb

You’ve got a transformative idea, now how do you grow it into a billion-dollar enterprise? The key to reaching maturity is recognizing that it’s not a direct linear path, but rather a series of phases, each with their own challenges and opportunities. Founders aiming for enterprise run rates need to be able to stop at multiple inflection points, break from the past, and implement entirely new business plans. Click through as Tien Tzuo analyzes each distinct segment of Salesforce’s journey to success, and discuss how he’s applying those lessons learned to Zuora’s current ascent.

Nailing Your Go-to-Market Positioning

It’s a given that your go-to-market positioning will change over time. But the biggest challenge most companies face is not getting it right in the first place: your message is too feature-oriented, it sets the bar too low, it’s not relevant to the marketplace, or it doesn’t resonate with investors. Judy Loehr has helped countless companies create effective go-to-market messages that truly cut through. Click through to learn some sharp lessons from over 15 years of helping entrepreneurs build great cloud business application companies.


The Changing Role of the CEO & Exec Team As Your Company Scales

If you’re a CEO and you start off with a few direct reports, the relationship is pretty simple. You’re a team lead. Things change once you get to fifty people, and you become a two-tiered organization. At 100 you’ve got managers of managers, and the role of CEO starts to change dramatically. If you’re not careful, people can start griping about siloed organizations, and your structure can collapse in the middle. Well, leadership starts at the top. Tien Tzuo and Tom Mohr discuss what causes leaders to “top out” as their company grows, how to avoid those traps, and how to continue to evolve and grow as the needs of your organization change. Learn some hard-won truths about scaling effective management.


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