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In the only podcast dedicated to the ‘Subscription Economy’, hosts Tom Krackeler and Rachel English talk to innovators, entrepreneurs, and analysts about the business shift towards recurring revenue.

Tom & Rachel

Hosts Tom Krackeler, SVP of Products & Rachel English, Director of Customer Success at Zuora


Ep # 3: Tom Tunguz, Partner at Redpoint Ventures.

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Anne Janzer

Ep #2 Guest: Anne Janzer, author of the book Subscription Marketing: Strategies for Nurturing Customer in a World of Churn.

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Dhaval Moogimane Casual 300 dpi

Ep #1 Guest: Dhaval Moogimane, Partner at Waterstone Management Group.

Tune in and learn why customer success is integral to your SaaS recurring revenue business!

Prefer to read? Find select excerpts from the podcast here

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Customer Success Radio (now Subscribed podcast)

#25 Advice From The Chief (Customer Officer): Catherine Blackmore, Chief Customer Officer at Bluenose Analytics, joins us to talk about the evolution of Customer Success as both a practice and as a technology suite, plus the first time Tom came to pitch her a product.

#24: How to Solve For the Customer: Denis Pombriant, Managing Principal of Beagle Research, joins us to discuss the new field of Customer Science and how to operate a subscription business based on your customers’ “Moments of Truth”.

#23: Customer Success is Eating the World: Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight, talks about the emergence of Customer Success culture, the myth of unavoidable churn, and the Pittsburgh Steelers (okay Nick insisted on that last one).

#22: The Inside Scoop on Frontleaf Joining Forces With Zuora: Tien Tzuo, CEO of Zuora, joins us to talk about the acquisition of Frontleaf, how Zuora defines its 9 keys to customer success, and what’s coming next for the Subscription Economy.

#21: Live Chat as a Customer Success Channel: Ben Congleton, Co-Founder and CEO of Olark, explains why live chat is a critical communications channel for customer success, how to build a customer-centric culture in a remote team, and what the upcoming “phone vs chat” showdown is all about.

#20: Customer Success ModelsTomasz Tunguz from Redpoint Ventures joins us to discuss what models are working for structuring Customer Success organizations, for achieving negative net churn, and even for interpreting the Customer Success hints buried inside financial filings.

#19: Customer Success PlaybooksJay Nathan, VP of Customer Success at PeopleMatter, discusses how he uses repeatable playbooks to scale his company’s customer service efforts, plus how to strike the right balance between standardizing processes and allowing creativity from his team.

#18: Customer Success Enters the Boardroom: David Skok from Matrix Partners and creator of highly acclaimed joins us to talk about the evolution of Customer Success as a strategy in SaaS, how it’s now taking over board meetings, and why HubSpot has the right idea.

#17: Hooked: How to Build Usage Habits In Enterprise SaaS CustomersNir Eyal, author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, discusses how Customer Success teams can utilize the concepts behind consumer products like Facebook, Google, and Instagram to help keep their customers on the right track.

#16: The Third Leg of the Customer Success Stool: Self-Service ResourcesAaron Fulkerson, CEO of Mindtouch, explains how the strategic use of self service content helps drive Customer Success and new sales.

#15: NPS – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Tom and Rachel talk about how to add Net Promoter Surveys to your customer success toolkit, what are the “gotchas” to look out for, and give some practical tips on sending your very first NPS.

#14: Thriving in the Membership EconomyRobbie Baxter talks with us about her new book, The Membership Economy: Find Your Super Users, Master the Forever Transaction, and Build Recurring Revenue.

#13: When Customer Success Meets Product DevelopmentMarty Cagan shares how to build products that customer love, why saying “yes” to customer enhancement requests is not doing them any favors, and the state of the art in enterprise SaaS user experience.

#12: Drinking from the Firehose: Customer Success During HypergrowthKatie Rogers from Salesloft discusses how she built a customer success program while her company was growing 2000% last year. Plus she explains what a #LadyLofter is.

#11: Customer Success as Growth HackingRachel and Tom recap the lively Twitter chat we recently convened on #SuccessHacking — applying the principles of Customer Success to drive revenue growth.

#10: Lincoln Murphy Sounds Off On Customer Success: Lincoln Murphy joins us for a wide-ranging discussion of what’s happening in the world of Customer Success, why he’s happier when the focus is on (lowercase) customer success, and how to get it right even when it’s hard.

#9: Leveraging Exceptional User OnboardingSamuel Hulick joins us to discuss User Onboarding, how Slack totally nailed it, and what SaaS companies should learn from Super Mario.

#8: What to Look For in 2015Rachel and Tom discuss their favorite emerging practices for Customer Success, and highlight some companies that are leading the way.

#7 : What’s the Point of Relationship Marketing? Anthony Nygren from EMI Strategic Marketing joins us to demystify customer lifecycle marketing, explain why it’s a critical part of a Customer Success practice, and give a few tips on how to be one of the few SaaS companies that do it right.

#6: How Buffer Does Customer SuccessCarolyn Kopprasch, the Chief Happiness Officer at Buffer, shares the secrets of how Buffer took a freemium app and built a legion of highly committed customers.

#5: The Science of Customer RelationshipsEd Powers, from Service Excellence Partners, joins to discuss how the science of human relationships impacts your customer churn rate, and why you don’t need a degree in psychology to build better customer relationships.

#4: Marketing and Customer Success: Friends or Foes? Meg Murphy, CMO of Bigcommerce, joins us to talk about delighting customers at high volumes, whether to put more stock in customer usage data or survey responses, and why marketing should be the customer success team’s best friend.

#3: Want Customer Success? First Figure Out Training. Bill Cushard from ServiceRocket joins us to explain what makes for great customer training, what Cloudera and HubSpot are doing right, dealing with hecklers, and whether training is ever a “bad word”.

#2: Customer Success Traps and How to Escape ThemRachel and Tom discuss surprise churn, “Old School” CEOs, customer-product misfits, and other common traps that Customer Success teams fall victim to, plus some ideas for how to avoid them.

#1: So You Want to Build A Customer Success TeamFrontleaf co-founders Tom Krackeler and Rachel English talk about building their first customer success team from scratch, and some tricks for getting it right.