Requests and Responses

Request IDs

As a general rule, when asked to supply a "key" for an account or subscription (accountKey, account-key, subscriptionKey, subscription-key), you can provide either the actual ID or the number of the object.

HTTP Request Body

Most of the parameters and data accompanying your requests will be contained in the body of the HTTP request.

The Zuora REST API accepts JSON in the HTTP request body. No other data format (e.g., XML) is supported.

Data Type

(Actions and CRUD operations only) We recommend that you do not specify the decimal values with quotation marks, commas, and spaces. Use characters of +-0-9.eE, for example, 5, 1.9, -8.469, and 7.7e2. Also, Zuora does not convert currencies for decimal values.

Testing a Request

Use a third party client, such as curl, Postman, or Advanced REST Client, to test the Zuora REST API.

You can test the Zuora REST API from the Zuora API Sandbox or Production tenants. If connecting to Production, bear in mind that you are working with your live production data, not sample data or test data.

Testing with Credit Cards

Sooner or later it will probably be necessary to test some transactions that involve credit cards. For suggestions on how to handle this, see Going Live With Your Payment Gateway.

Timeout Limit

If a request does not complete within 120 seconds, the request times out and Zuora returns a Gateway Timeout error.