Central Developer Platform

Integrate and extend Zuora for your business.

Developers and IT heroes, you get all the building blocks you need to integrate and extend Zuora with the Central Developer Platform. You now have complete control to design unique subscriber experiences and orchestrate your subscription service.

Workflow Builder

Build business flows that connect your systems and processes. Use Workflow to automate day-to-day operations and triggers customer communications, provisioning, and data integrations.


Send tailored communications to a customer
or callouts to an external system.

Custom Objects

Customize the Zuora object model to work with external data and industry-specific data sources using new custom objects.

Data Query

Query data fast with SQL operators and export to any data warehouse with new query APIs.


Listen for subscription events and execute callouts, notifications, and workflows based on the triggers.

Expand and scale globally

Our platform was built so you can run your business globally with confidence.

Localization support across our UI, quotes, bills, and other documents

Latest country-specific tax and accounting standards are built-in

Multi-entity management for companies with separate financial operations across different entities

Central Security Model


We safeguard information with government-level encryption. Every node in our infrastructure is protected with firewalls and network intrusion detection systems. And we meet a long list of industry compliance standards.

IP Address range Restrictions

Single Sign-On

Data access controls

2 Factor Authentication