As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, we’ve seen countless subscription companies like yours make decisions to do what’s best for your subscribers. 

What we’ve observed is both uplifting and promising: 

We’ve gathered resources, data findings, and product resources here to help your company make the right decisions for your subscribers.

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Customer Office Hours

We brought the Zuora community together on timely topics such as suspending subscriptions and pricing changes amidst COVID-19. This is a great chance to hear from peers going through the same situation. 

📅See Customer Office Hours.

Zuora Admin Training, now free

Stuck at home? This is a great chance to skill up and get certified as a Zuora Admin. Join our remote classrooms and learn with peers, or take the on-demand Zuora Admin course at your own pace.

🆕See online Zuora Admin courses.


Whether you offer a gym subscription or a SaaS solution, offering the option to pause a subscription builds trust and allows you to retain existing subscribers.

👉Learn how companies use Zuora to pause subscriptions.

How can I quickly change pricing for customers?

Whether you want to offer an extended free trial or update pricing for all existing subscribers, the current situation requires you to act fast. 

👉Learn how companies use Zuora to quickly change pricing en masse.

As many companies have seen a spike in subscribers who cannot pay on time, there is a need for adjustments, credits, or refunds. However, it’s challenging for finance departments to issue these in bulk manually. 

👉See how companies use Zuora to automate refunds and credits in bulk.

How will COVID-19 impact Zuora?

As COVID-19 continues to spread, we have a heightened awareness of our responsibility to our communities: to keep employees safe, to ensure service to customers and partners, to do our part in preventing the spread.

👉We’ve published this Customer FAQ with more details.


The COVID-19 Response Playbook

As the COVID-19 crisis continued to affect the economy, subscription businesses prove their resilience in this recession by focusing on

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