Soilcares Website

SoilCares aims to improve agricultural and horticultural procedures, by combining the latest agricultural know-how with high quality analytical experience and expertise. Global agriculture is facing a major problem. Population is increasing and farmers are struggling to cater with the resulting growing food demand.

SoilCares supports individual farmers, as well as cooperatives and agricultural entrepreneurs, enabling them to improve their production and lower their costs and time loss by better use of their land using innovative and affordable methods. SoilCares has developed a compact laboratory - Lab In A Box (LIAB) - that will be installed on your farm or in the boot of your car so it is always at reach of hand. This laboratory uses an MIR sensor and XRF techniques; enabling you and your employees to perform your soil tests without any laboratory experience, after a short training. The test results are analyzed and compared to a unique significant database, that is developed and permanently updated by SoilCares Research team. The farmers therefore obtain information that is as accurate as if it had been the result of traditional wet chemistry soil analysis techniques.

They have already initiated labs across the world, including many of the African continent. SoilCares has also developed a handheld scanner that enables farmers to measure the basic nutrients held in their soil, real-time. Our first version, may not be as accurate as the mobile lab, this device nonetheless has its advantages. As the scanner works on the spot in the fields, it can be a useful tool for quick basic soil testing but also a valuable aggregate to the mobile laboratory.

SoilCares is supported by the SoilCares Foundation, which aims to give smallholders access to agricultural information and technologies. By doing this, SoilCares Foundation is bridging the knowledge gap that still remains in soil fertility management.