Usage Based Pricing

Making Usage-Based Pricing Easy to Best Equip your Business

In order to achieve a successful Subscription pricing model, it is important to carefully examine how we can "win" utilizing different pricing strategies. Charging a customer on how much they use the product or service is a new concept for many businesses and is a key strategy for companies in the Subscription Economy. This concept is called usage based pricing, which bases a charge model on the consumption of a billable service or resource. Customers are demanding new forms of consumption and are preferring a usage plan for certain services. It's because usage-based pricing ties pricing to the value consumers receive.

To achieve the most successful SaaS pricing model, you'll need Zuora's help. With Zuora Subscription Management Platform you can:

  • Manage customer plans and add or subtract services based on usage patterns
  • Offer customers a usage plan based on a tiered approach or per use model
  • Track metered resources and bill according to usage rates

Zuora can help you locate the most effective subscription pricing model such as usage based pricing and effectively monetize products in your subscription businesses. With Zuora's Subscription Management Platform, you can provide customers with the most pricing options, flexible plans, and real time modifications. No longer do you have to worry about churn, with Zuora you can monitor customer habits and move in with a cautionary sign arises.

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Defining a winning subscription pricing model

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