Top Recurring Revenue Businesses

Zuora Powers Top Recurring Revenue Businesses

Across every industry, recurring revenue businesses are becoming the norm because a recurring revenue model is a better way to buy and sell for both consumers and businesses. Consumers get what they want, when they want it. And businesses get predictable revenue they can count on. (Investors and Wall Street love it too!) There are hundreds of great examples of top recurring revenue businesses across all industries, including SaaS, streaming digital media, membership services, cloud storage, IoT, consumer goods, and more. Zuora has worked with hundreds of these top recurring revenue businesses in virtually every industry, and we build that expertise into our technology to help subscription businesses succeed.

Zuora provides a subscription billing and management platform for businesses with recurring revenue. It's a SaaS offering that enables businesses to focus on their core offerings rather than operational and administrative concerns. Zuora's platform allows recurring revenue businesses to enhance top-line revenue growth and operational efficiency with a very high degree of automation. Traditional enterprises that are moving to a recurring revenue model will also benefit from Zuora's capabilities.

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Recurring Revenue Optimization: The Basics

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