Subscription Payments

Subscription payments is a streamlined payment method that has helped companies reach pricing and packaging flexibility that emphasizes on a customer-centric model. Ranging from approximately 200 different forms of payment, subscription payments allows customers to pay the way they want, in any way they want.


While subscription model businesses are excited to grapple the subscription payments method, and providing customers with this new, exciting way to revolutionize payment, it is important to be aware of what your subscription payments pricing strategy revolves around. Here are a few different components of global payment methods for subscription based companies to consider:


  • Push: customers are actively sending payments to you as you request for money. It also means that the payment is an effort on your customers’ part and that they are making the decision consciously each time.
  • Pull: merchant actively withdraws payments from customers’ account, with an agreement is installed beforehand.
  • Credit Cards: most popular form of global payment method that is a combination of pull while enabling you to draw recurring payments.


Learn more about the different ways you can utilize Zuora to manage your subscription payments and to make your payment method more streamlined and efficient as ever. Whether you are a push vs. pull or one time vs. recurring, Zuora can help with all!


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