Subscription Business Ideas

Zuora makes running a subscription business easy

When most people think about subscriptions, they tend to think about magazine subscriptions or popular consumer subscriptions such as Netflix or Spotify. But beyond media and entertainment, there is a growing number of subscriptions available, across industries. In this age of the "subscription economy," we're starting to see subscription business ideas everywhere. Here are just a few examples (all of which, we're proud to say, are also Zuora clients):

  1. Media: Newspapers (Financial Times), Audiobooks (Audible)
  2. Education: Online courses (Lynda.com)
  3. Devices: Home devices (Honeywell), Printers (HP)
  4. Transportation: Airplane (Surfair), Car (GM Onstar)
  5. Consumer goods: Toothbrushes (Goodmouth), Beauty products (Birchbox)
  6. SaaS: Business management software for the wellness industry (MINDBODY), Marketing software (Marketo), Customer service software (ZenDesk)

Over the past few years, we've seen that the subscription business model can be applied to any-and-every industry. The beauty of these wide ranging subscription business ideas is that they put the consumer - and their wants and needs - at the center of the business relationships. The subscription economy has completely changed how we create and nurture relationships with our customers and how we monetize those relationships.

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7 Ways to Sell Subscriptions

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