Software Subscription Business Model

Make Your Subscription Business Model Successful with Zuora

Pricing flexibility is the cornerstone for success for the subscription business model. After shifting to the subscription business model, business leaders look for know-how and guidance to work with it. Queries on what business leaders want guidelines on include:

  • Ways to price products effectively
  • Appropriate ways to launch a new product or service offering
  • Ways to minimize the percentage of failed credit card transactions
  • The important metrics for expanding the subscription business
  • Ways to account for multiyear contracts
  • Whether to set up or purchase a system for business expansion

Zuora identifies numerous packaging and pricing strategies in the subscription business model. The best way is to get started with a basic model and gradually iterate over a period of time.

Use Zuora to price your products correctly, whether you are managing new products or responding to the changing market conditions and competition. Zuora helps you define the various recurring billing periods and combine recurring, usage-based and one-time pricing models. Develop promotions, free trials, offer discounts and release the pricing plans globally in any currency.

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