SaaS Software Pricing Models

Zuora enables the new SaaS software pricing models that customers demand.

Cloud computing is disrupting the $3.4 trillion technology industry as enterprises move away from owning and maintaining servers to choosing SaaS pricing models. But as the IT world moves to elastic server clouds, a fundamentally shifting approach is necessary; a usage-based, pay-as-you-go business model.

The lack of a pricing infrastructure for SaaS has made it nearly impossible for providers to effectively bring offerings to market. Custom solutions and legacy ERP systems can't support these models needed to meet diverse and fluid customer requirements. Zuora fills this gap and need. It enables cloud providers the ability to implement SaaS pricing models that can automate metering, pricing and billing for their full spectrum of products, bundles, and configurations. Capabilities include:

  • Cloud Units of Measure: Charging users per IP address, terabyte stored, CPU instance, gigabyte transferrer, application user, and more.
  • Metering Infrastructure Integration: Leveraging pre-built integration with metering systems from leading vendors such as Cloud.com, EMC, and VMware.
  • Over 20 New Cloud Pricing Models: Leveraging over 20 pre-existing charge models, including reservation, on-demand, off-peak pricing, location-based, and the ability to configure many more.
  • Instant Pricing Configuration: Supporting unlimited packaging and pricing configurability, with the ability to make real-time changes to adapt to immediate changes in market conditions.
  • Subscription Lifecycle Management: Handling lifecycle complexities such as up-sells, churns and renewals.
  • Online Z-Store: Self-Service and PCI-compliant storefront allowing customers to make purchases, monitor usage and manage their accounts.
  • Automated Billing: Automatically create recurring invoices, payment tracking and manage complexities of credit balances, charge-backs, refunds and more.
  • Partner Billing: Providing partner resellers an "out of the box" solution to cloud billing in addition to direct customer billing.

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