SaaS Pricing

As SaaS businesses have taken a front seat in the companies around us, it is essential to acknowledge the necessity of identifying the right SaaS pricing. Whether you are launching a new subscription-based offering, transitioning from a perpetual to a subscription model, or wondering why you are not monetizing as well as you should be on your current subscription product, identifying the right SaaS pricing method can benefit your business.

The first step is to identify the right SaaS pricing metric to understand the possibilities and pricing strategy that most aligns with your customer values. Here are some pricing metrics for subscription products:

  • User-based: named user, concurrent user, etc.,
  • Activity-based: number of transactions, number of reports, etc.,
  • Business scale: size of business, number of customers, etc.,
  • Performance-based: against key performance metrics or client performances, etc.,

Zuora can help your business identify successful SaaS pricing as well as strategies you can implement to benefit your customers as well as your business. Learn about the different components it takes to have an effective and beneficial pricing method.

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Defining a winning subscription pricing model

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