SaaS Billing Models

Zuora Supports SaaS Billing Models to Best Equip Recurring Revenue Businesses

The Subscription Economy now has inertia and is forcing participating companies to adopt new core enterprise systems to support SaaS billing models. ERP solutions, the prevailing model during the last two decades, doesn't fit these businesses. ERP solutions track raw materials, maximize output, optimize warehousing and monitor transportation. These capabilities are for traditional product-centric companies and are inappropriate for SaaS billing models where managing ongoing customer relationships is the focal point. Moreover, ERP systems are oriented around one-time commerce and billing models, and therefore cannot support SaaS billing models.

Zuora Billing is the world's premier cloud-based billing platform optimized for subscription businesses no matter the size or industry. Regardless of whether you are a small company with one monthly subscription service or an enterprise with a large product portfolio and complex usage-based pricing, Zuora's SaaS billing models have you covered.

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