Predictive Analytics

Subscription Analytics and Predictive Analytics Solutions from Zuora

Unlike metrics used to calculate the health of a traditional transaction-based business, subscription analytics offer a more complete and effective view into your customers and the health of your business.

Zuora’s subscription management solution can give you insight into your customers like you’ve never had before. We provide you with reports on all the subscription analytics you need to see into your customer behavior, check the health of your business and look ahead with predictive analytics. Aggregate customer billing data to understand how your business is performing with critical predictive analytics like annual recurring revenue (ARR) and see how your subscription business measures up in terms of bookings, billings and collections.

Zuora’s billing system provides unique insight into critical predictive analytics for subscription businesses. With reports on renewals, changes, upgrades, add-ons and other subscription-critical metrics, Zuora’s predictive analytics offers a complete 360 degree view into your customers’ behavior.

Watch a short overview of Zuora Analytics and learn how to best equip your business for optimal success.

2-minute Overview of Zuora Analytics