Electronic Billing System

Build Your Business, Not Your Billing System to Best Equip your Existing Ecosystem

Zuora offers the industry's most advanced recurring electronic billing system that was built from-the-ground-up for subscription businesses of any-size, in any-industry. Regardless of your electronic billing system needs, Zuora's capabilities have you covered.

The key to a successful subscription service is pricing flexibility. Zuora's electronic billing system gives you the tools you need to optimize your service price. You can specific any kind of recurring billing period, get paid up-front, or space our the payments at any interval you want. You can combine one-time, recurring, and usage based pricing schemes. You can set up free trials, offer discounts and launch promotions. And you can do it in any currency.

Many companies need to guide their customers from free or entry-level services into premium offerings over the relationship lifetime. That means you need more than a "Buy" button. You need a "Renew" button, an "Upgrade" button, and an "Add-On" button. Zuora's electronic billing system does it all. In addition, you have visibility into every subscription history and can consolidate that data to understand what's working and what's not.

Whether you're selling to consumers, to small businesses, or to large enterprises, Zuora gives you the electronic billing system capabilities you need. You can set up customer account-hierarchies to represent everything from consumer households to departments in global companies. This gives your customers the flexibility they may need to aggregate subscriptions, usage, invoices and payments into a single corporate account, while distributing the revenue across the constituent "child" accounts. This electronic billing system is so flexible that you can cope with any request, regardless of how convoluted it is.

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