Business Analytics

Zuora provides robust business analytics and reporting capabilities designed specifically for subscription businesses.

Subscription Analytics from Zuora

The analytics business has changed as has the business model of many enterprises. Subscription business analytics give you a more comprehensive and effective view into the health of your business than did traditional analytics.

Zuora’s billing solution gives you the ability to track customer satisfaction like never before. Zuora Billing reports on all the subscription analytics you need to measure the health of your customer relationships and business. Track all billing data to better understand the health of your business with essential analytics like monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and see the performance of all bookings, billings, and collections.

Business analytics for subscription businesses has never been easier. Zuora Billing offers you reports on renewals, charges, upgrades, and other subscription-critical metrics. Zuora’s products give you a 360 degree view into your customers’ behavior.

Watch our 2-minute video and see how Zuora’s subscription management platform allows companies to manage the entire lifecycle of the subscriber, including customer acquisition, recurring billing and payments, revenue recognition, and subscription metrics.

Watch our 2-minute video