Senior Software Engineer (Remote)

Engineering & TechOps | Atlanta, GA, United States

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Our team is in charge of App development and Maintenance for our Payments, AR, and Collections team.  We are a small, dynamic squad that actively tackles problems, interacts with customers to determine requirements and works with our other engineering squads to produce and integrate with our newest tech.  We are in a unique position to shape where our commitments take us, so we look forward to starting on new builds soon.


YOUR MISSION: Build the best tech we can for Zuora


THE OPPORTUNITY (AKA: Why you want this role over any other out there) 

Your first build will be a high profile application that will be used by many of our, and the world’s, largest iOS customers.  We have the ear of the Apple Hook Architects, and have the opportunity to work directly with Apple to help ensure the success of these massive customers. The app will need to handle large volume transactions and operate in our kubernetes stack.  We are leaning towards a RoR/Postgres stack, but we encourage you to consider using the right tool for the job.  In addition to that high visibility project, you will help out with the maintenance and improvement of several other web applications and services, and the opportunity for further collaboration within all levels of the company. It's not uncommon to have opportunities to interface with marketing, field, sales and executives from our customers if that's something you're interested in.  As these projects continue we expect your ownership to increase accordingly.

OUR TECH STACK: Ruby, RoR, Rest API, Microservices, Kafka, NodeJS, AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, AngularJS/Vue, Apple RVS



  • The implementation and delivery of a High visibility App that is heavily used by our largest customers
  • Improving the engineering experience at Zuora
  • Mastery of Zuora, the Connect Framework, and several other applications


  • Experience handling customer interactions and collecting requirement from various sources
  • A cool head under fire.  Your work will be used in critical path systems, and being able to resolve situations quickly and cleanly is a must
  • Understanding of the Apple Server to Server notification system
    • Strongly Preferred: Understanding of the Apple RVS system, as that is a major part of the app we are replacing
  • A good sense of humor
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