Senior Data Analyst

Corporate Data | Redwood City, CA, United States

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At Zuora, data is a key strategic pillar for operating our business.  All our teams rely on accurate, timely data to measure and improve outcomes, including building better products, improving the customer experience, optimizing the sales process, and ultimately increasing the overall value we deliver to our customers.


The Zuora Corporate Data Team drives the overall vision of a “Company Powered by Data”.  The team's mission is to enable all other teams to manage and use data effectively to make better decisions, by supporting data governance across the organization and by providing high-quality datasets and metrics through self-service tools.  


As Senior Data Analyst on the Zuora Corporate Data Team, you'll have the opportunity to support Zuora's vision for data:


  • Working cross-functionally to define and implement policies for data governance, including protocols and controls for creating and updating data, change management 
  • Computing metrics and KPIs related to corporate finances, internal processes and product usage, to help executives track the state of the business is real time
  • Curating a shared corporate data model that helps all teams to foster collaboration and communication about customers, products and end-to-end processes
  • Working with engineers to implement continuous monitoring and validation of data quality
  • Working with the team and with end users to design effective reports and visualizations for a wide variety of use cases


Specific skills that you'll have a chance to learn and refine include:


  • Complex SQL for data transformation and for analytics
  • Time series analysis for understanding trends
  • Basic statistical analysis, particularly for monitoring data quality


As a data analyst, advancing your career depends on much more than your ability to solve isolated technical problems.  Joining the Corporate Zuora Data Team will also give you the opportunity to develop the whole range of skills you need to scale your effectiveness as a product builder and organizational leader:


  • Working directly with end users in a variety of different roles to understand business requirements and identify appropriate technical solutions
  • Writing design and implementation documentation
  • Running a transparent, predictable software delivery lifecycle, including planning, testing and release management


Successful candidates for this position should be able to demonstrate a solid foundation as data analysts, aptitude for building data products, excellent communication skills, and a strong desire to learn.  Desirable previous experience includes:


  • management consulting
  • building data products (such as the analytics features of a business application) for external customers
  • supporting internal customers as part of a BI or data team
  • performing the role of technical business analyst on a finance, sales, marketing or “growth” team
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