Clemence Consulting

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System Integrators



From strategic consulting to delivery and operations managed services, Clémence Consulting
is engaging with its accounts willing to jump into the subscription economy and drastically
reinventing their customers / partners relationship while moving to a more sustainable

Established in 2006, France is a pool of 70+ business consultants, business analysts, product
owners, project leaders and product experts mainly in the domains of Digital, Marketing,
Sales, Services and Finance. Clémence Consulting has extension in Portugal, and Morocco
where are located certified development and operations centers enabling to propose a very
competitive average project rate card.

Taking care of the overall lead to cash efficiency we are experts in complex technology (i.e.,
e-commerce, marketplace, data science and AI, subscription, SaaS…), process digitization
and platform integration thru microservices and api components (Clémence’s library).
We have a long-standing relationship with strategic accounts (Stellantis, Schneider Electric,
Valeo, TotalEnergies, EDF, BNP Paribas…) and more recent success stories with startups
(OODrive, Lengow, CertEurope,…) looking for agile offer monetization capability and fast go
to market (MVP).