Beyond Demographics: Subscriber Segmentation Done Right

Subscription companies have seen unparalleled growth in recent years. Established brands enjoyed customer base expansion by nearly a third in 2021, and dozens of startups have carved out significant market space in years since. However, as companies begin rounding the corner into 2024, market saturation and economic uncertainty are pressing both new and veteran subscription […]

The Power of User Experience: 5 Proven Ways to Stand Out to Subscribers

Photo of someone touching their phone

Over the past decade, the subscription economy has grown 435% and demonstrated expansion rates up to eight times faster than traditional business models. The industry may soon tip the scale into a trillion-dollar market. While this sector saturation is promising for profits, it also poses a significant problem for the very consumers driving such demand […]

Finance for Subscription Businesses

Insights from Subscribed Connect London Zuora’s “Subscribed Connect London” event brought together pioneers in the subscription industry to discuss dynamic sustainable growth and modern business strategies. One of the event’s highlights was an insightful breakout session on the evolving priorities of modern finance and accounting leaders. During this session, we ventured into the changing roles […]

From NOAM to EMEA: Advocating International Men’s Day 

Thanks to a couple of our ZEOs, men’s health is in the spotlight this month at Zuora. If you didn’t know, it’s Movember and International Men’s Day is November 19, which makes this the perfect time to introduce Zach May (Director, ZBR based in Redwood City) and Steve Warren (Sr. Technical Support Engineer based in […]

Subscribed Connect Munich: Exploring the Keys to Business Innovation

“Subscribed Connect Munich,” hosted by Zuora, brought together pioneers and leaders in the field of subscriptions to engage in conversations about the continually evolving landscape of sustainable growth and modern business strategies. This event offered a wealth of valuable knowledge and presented cutting-edge technologies that empower businesses to thrive in the current subscription economy. Designed […]

AI, the New Frontier for Subscription Businesses

Zuora’s “Subscribed Connect London” event united subscription industry innovators to discuss dynamic sustainable growth and modern business strategies. One of the highlights of the event was our breakout session on Artificial Intelligence (AI), led by Felix Danczak, VP, GTM Subscriber Experience at Zuora. In this session, we explored how AI can empower subscription businesses to […]

Rev up your consumption strategy with Zuora’s Mediation Engine

Consumption-based pricing sounds easy—you just bill customers for the amount of your product or service they use, right? In reality, consumption models introduce a whole set of challenges and questions: How do you find the right consumption model? How do you turn raw usage into billing? How can you show customers how much has been […]

Revolutionize Your Subscription Business with Zuora’s Integration Hub and Extension Studio

In a world where businesses must adapt swiftly to ever-evolving market demands and shifting customer expectations, it’s the Admins and Developers who play a pivotal role. They are the unsung heroes responsible for extending, deploying, and integrating the Zuora Platform as businesses pivot and evolve. The challenge they face, however, lies in orchestrating billing and […]

Exploring the Fusion of Recurring Growth and AI

“Subscribed Connect Stockholm,” hosted by Zuora, united innovators and industry frontrunners to discuss the ever-evolving realm of recurring growth and modern business best practices. This dynamic event was brimming with valuable insights and showcased the latest technologies helping businesses to establish and expand in the modern landscape. Designed for business leaders, Subscribed Connect Stockholm was […]

Leveraging Audience Segmentation for Subscription Business Success

  As customer expectations shift at a rapid pace, businesses must adapt to remain at the forefront. The era of generic, one-size-fits-all solutions is behind us, replaced by an undeniable demand for strategies that are personal, data-driven, and resonant.  While expanding pricing options serves as the first step, true business resilience is achieved by concentrating […]