ZEOs Cycle 100K for Mental Health

By Emily Aradi, Senior Regional Marketing Manager Recent data shows that mental health services have experienced a dramatic rise in the number of referrals in the last year in Great Britain. While this is by no means a local trend, the Zuora London office took to the streets (on two wheels) to raise awareness and […]

Ask the CEO: A Customer Day Q&A with Tien Tzuo

Welcome! We’re having an exciting Customer Day here at Zuora, gaining insights from the collective intelligence of our amazing community and learning more about new innovations from our amazing product team. As part of the event, our fearless Chief Customer Officer Tom Krackeler has taken the opportunity to round up some questions from our customers, […]

The Twists and Turns of Innovation: Expanding Beyond Subscriptions

By Sri Srinivasan, Chief Product and Engineering Officer, Zuora Massive technology transformations rarely proceed in a straight line. I should know—I’ve spent the last couple of decades driving these transformations at companies like PeopleSoft, Microsoft and Cisco. And since I joined Zuora 8 months ago, the experiences I’ve had with our customers have only confirmed […]

The Journey to Usership: A Guide to Succeeding in the Subscription Economy 

  Today is an exciting day here at Zuora. We’re thrilled to bring our global customer base together for our first-ever Global Customer Day. This is an exclusive experience for our customers, dedicated to learning from the insights of subscription leaders and diving deep into the great new innovations from our Zuora product team. We’re […]