Preparing For An IPO With Zuora Audit Trail

Preparing For An IPO With Zuora Audit Trail

In 2020 alone there were over 450 initial public offerings, this is 106% more than in 2019. For companies preparing for an IPO, compliance is especially top of mind. With evolving regulatory requirements, companies need to make sure they have business practices that ensure compliance with the highest standard.

SOX Compliance has been at the top of Zuora’s customers list as it increases transparency in financial reporting and establishes a system for internal controls. For the CFO though, establishing a system that keeps accurate records of all financially impacting areas can be a daunting task, but failing to be compliant comes at a huge cost. 

This is why we have continued to expand the breadth of financially impacting fields in Zuora’s Audit Trail capture. Audit Trail provides  customers the ability to effortlessly demonstrate compliance of SOX regulations by automatically and reliably tracking who did what and when in Zuora. Here are a few ways customers can use Audit Trail to easily pull a historical record of changes within the system:

  • Login History: Login history reports show a record of all login attempts made by Zuora users for that tenant. 
  • Financial Settings: Financial settings reports track changes made to 16 financially impacting settings in Zuora.
  • User Management: User management reports track all changes made to User, Roles, and Permissions. 
  • Core Business Data: Reports show a record of all changes to accounts, contacts, product catalog, payments and refunds. 

In Audit Trail, tracking is available via self-service through our Data Query tool to the CFO and their team. With Zuora, subscription companies can focus on operating their businesses instead of manually tracking compliance with all the regulations including: SOX, GDPR, CCPA, PCI, ASC606, SCA, CIT/MIA, Visa/MasterCard/Discover Mandates and more.

Interested in learning more about Audit Trail? Contact your Zuora account manager today.


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