PwC Consulting Launches XaaS Solution to Support Business Model Transformation from "Selling Goods" to "Selling Things"

Businesses in nearly every industry are transforming how they offer goods and services to retain and expand their customers and revenue. Today, everything can be sold as a service (XaaS). The current pandemic is only accelerating this transformation, and businesses who adapt are experiencing resilience and growth. In fact, our latest Subscription Economy Index found that subscription businesses grew revenues about 6 times faster than S&P 500 company revenues (17.8% versus 3.1%) from January 1, 2012 to June 30, 2020.

PwC, a global partner of Zuora, today announced its new XaaS solution to help support businesses embarking on this transformation, a journey to providing true customer value.

Read more in the full press release below, which was originally published by PwC Japan.


PwC Consulting Launches XaaS Solution to Support Business Model Transformation from “Selling Goods” to “Selling Things”

Providing new customer experiences early and achieving sustainable improvement and growth

PwC Consulting LLC (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Nobuaki Otake) changed its business model from “selling goods” to “selling things” on November 4, improving customer lifetime value (Life Time Value). We have started to provide XaaS (Anything as a Service) solution.

In recent years, the consumer’s perspective is rapidly shifting from “owning” things to “experience value” obtained through products and services. Designing a new customer journey that fits into the digital age and increasing customer lifetime value is an urgent task for a company to grow sustainably.

This solution aims to start providing services as soon as possible by embodying strategies and visions for changing the business model from selling goods to selling things, and utilizing industry-leading subscription platforms. In addition to our experience in working on numerous large-scale transformation projects, we will utilize the best practices of XaaS solutions accumulated in the PwC global network to materialize our business concept, examine the optimal business model and organizational structure, and so on. We provide consistent support from strategy to execution, including the design and construction of the digital platform that supports it, and the rapid transition to production.

In addition, experts from the PwC Japan Group’s Cross-Group Data & Analytics team will assist you in analyzing the variety of data available from the XaaS digital platform. In the digitized process, we aim to improve the lifetime value of our customers by grasping the important points for our clients’ customers and providing the seamless digital experience they demand through omni-channel.

Features of PwC’s XaaS Solution

Digital customer experience

We aim to maximize the experience through personalized interaction and content provision for each customer.

PwC’s unique AI and machine learning model

Utilizing AI, machine learning, and data analysis expertise, effective service proposals to target customers that contribute to business expansion, optimal pricing, cross-selling and up-selling revenue expansion, maximizing repeat rate, We support the minimization of churn.

Realization of Lead to Cash (L2C)

Utilizing the automation functions of complex product configurations, contracts, quotations, and orders, we realize seamless and scalable L2C operations and speedy service flow that enables us to build closer relationships with customers.

Design and implementation of master data assuming zero-touch transactions

By developing masters such as customer and accounting, items, minimum stock keeping unit (SKU), price and discount rate, sales contract, etc., it is possible to make proposals and set flexible prices according to the customer’s interests.

Started collaboration with Zuora

In providing this solution, Zuora, Inc. (Headquarters: Redwood City, California, USA, Japanese subsidiary Zuora Japan Co., Ltd .: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President Junichiro Kuwano), is a leading provider of subscription-type platforms. We will start collaboration with Zuora below.

The Zuora product portfolio, which quickly monetizes the subscription business, covers all operations from upstream to downstream on one platform, can be linked with ERP and CRM, and has a track record of introduction by more than 1000 companies globally. I have.

By combining the platform provided by Zuora with the knowledge we possess, we aim to quickly realize the transformation of the business model of client companies.


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