Oh My Gourd! Halloween at Zuora 2020

Halloween at Zuora is a big deal! And, while our ZEOs might not be in the office, we still rolled out creative vibes for one of our most important traditions, the Zuora Halloween costume contest.

This year, we did things a little differently given our remote work setting.  All ZEOs and their families were invited to participate in a four category costume contest, complete with an award show to celebrate the winners with host extraordinaire, Evan Chung, Sr. Manager of Customer Advocacy.

From decking out their homes with spooky, gore-free decorations, to dressing their furry friends in adorable costumes, to performing amazingly creative skits, or simply dressing up to show their Halloween spirit, ZEOs from around the world truly embraced our founder’s favorite holiday and made it their own from a safe, comfortable distance.

Best Decor

Scarecrows, pumpkins, and ghosts, OH MY! Check out some of this year’s submissions for best home/home office decor from ZEOs in the US and Beijing. 

Best Animal Costume

Cue the “awwwws.” This category naturally received the most submissions and we’re not mad about it! ZEOs knocked it out of the park this year with dogs dressed up as mail carriers encouraging people to vote, cats as pirates and even a bunny posing as Simba. Check out photos of Zuora’s unofficial mascots below (no animals were harmed in the making of these images, they were just slightly annoyed). 

Best Individual, Duo, or Group Costume

Although face masks are very much part of our new normal in 2020, we asked ZEOs to switch them out and show us their creative side for best individual, duo, or group costume  – complete with CEO, Tien Tzuo comically dressed as Superman.

Best Team Skit

Last but not least, we had two teams battle it out to be crowned the winner of this year’s Best Team Skit. Our Workplace Resources team stepped up to the stage dressed in full 80s attire and wigs, and our Customer Primacy team passed the pumpkin to each other from locations all around the world.

Thank you to all our ZEOs who participated, making this already unforgettable year into something truly special. From everyone here at Zuora, we wish you, your family, and your friends a happy and safe Halloween. 

Until next year!

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